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Thread: Perfect Cooperation - Krill [26 - 28 August 2016]

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASR1927 View Post
    Same here. I was really tempted but since I don't have enough cores anyway I decided to skip this. Like Frankie say Tap are trying to flush out as much saved credits as possible before next week's event with popular commanders. Then next week buy new credits people!
    yes, we seen the tactics, and t4f is geting always innovative but after 1.5years playing we are well seasoned.. but temptation is there.. I think the key decide on your strategy, and stick to that no mattter how tempting the offer is.. this way you save faster, and also reach your target sooner..
    again I am guy who spends just a month card, not because I cannot afford more.. becuase I consider tablet/phone not worth a single dime more .. there are much nicer PC games, but I dont have time for that..
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    Nice bonus every 20 tries we can get 1 pandora core i can try it some
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