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Thread: Influence bug in CtC

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    Influence bug in CtC

    Hi, did anyone else encounter this influence bug in CtC? I'm lv100 and beating an lv95-player should give me 40 merits and not 18.
    18 merits.JPG

    Then some minutes later against the same player it's 40 merits.

    40 merits.JPG

    How am I to win CtC and get this awesome Lyle (is there anyone on this planet that understands his special description?) when Tap robs me of influence points?

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    Was the fortress still full health? That will reduce the merit points when you attack
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    I also believe it was fortress ... it was still up not destroyed when you attacked It happened to me loooong time ago as well
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    You can encounter this when your opponent decides to repair his fortress while you are attacking

    Concerning Lyle, the only thing i understand is that there is a lot of sucking going on
    And who is Clare? I thought this commander's name is Lyle
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    Ok thanks maybe they did revive fortress without me noticing it. Well back to my hunt for Lyle then, who btw I think really sucks (Tap do really invite to mocking ).

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    Hi, i think this its because of the fortress if firtress dont have 0 % hp you will get less points for win a battle
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    Had you see the fortres ... if was green than it had reduce youa the point...

    I think is only that ... never i had see bugs in this event....
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    That is probably because fortress wasn't completely destroyed. And fortresses can't be restored during the war, only in between wars. Most of the times one hit isn't enough to bring down the fortress so make sure it is destroyed by scout (no more hits are allowed) before to proceed with merit gathering on main account.
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