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Thread: Class-specific Space - Ranger Wormhole - 2016-08-16 (3 days)

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    Class-specific Space - Ranger Wormhole - 2016-08-16 (3 days)

    Class-specific Space - Ranger Wormhole - 2016-08-16 (3 days)

    • Bring in your best RANGER fleet
    • You will most probably shoot second in round 3

    Strategy used
    • Treat it as a normal PvP battle as most commanders icon are properly identified
    • There is no Dangerous Dingo-destroyer or Flagship with mass special attack
    • Any Lt. that can help increase hit rates will be helpful

    Wave 3 - 10K Galactonite energy, 5x Trident brand capacitors
    Wave 5 - 5000 Tech points, 1x Class Chip pack
    Wave 7 - 10K Galactonite energy, 10x Trident brand capacitors
    Wave 10 - 10K Tech points, 1x Class Chip pack
    Wave 13 - 10K Galactonite energy, 15x Trident brand capacitors
    Wave 15 - 20K Tech points, 2x Class Chip pack

    Refresh & Revives
    Can challenge the worm hole 3 times
    Reset wormhole cost = 2500 credits
    Revive cost = 100 credits

    1x Ranger 50% force boost
    2x Ranger 100% force boost
    3x Ranger 150% force boost
    4x Ranger 200% force boost

    Experience & Notes
    Commanders can be identified with their own proper icons, except the Flagship which has a blank face

    Def & S-Def, Dodge & Block starts off in the normal range.
    Wave 6 1 of the opponent starts to be dodgy
    Wave 9 more opponents dodgy
    Wave 11 all of them are dodgy

    Fleet composition
    Total force brought in is 270M
    Wave 1 - 11: Retrobot +6, Cryptor +5, Cabal +2, Geoffrey +7, Flagship +5
    Wave 11 - 12: Retrobot +6, Cryptor +5, Cabal +2, Lance +2, Flagship +5

    Wave 2
    Non-rangers, except Flagship do -1 damage

    Wave 3
    Lost first shot

    Wave 6
    1 opponent starts to be dodgy.

    Subsequent waves more and more commanders get dodgy and more dodgy

    Wave 11
    First death

    Wave 12
    Second & final death

    All the best.
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    I hate the ranger wormholes. I dont have a good bench of ranger commanders. I wish i had retrobot as that little robot still performs very well.
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    Well I brought in Retrobot(+3), Alfred(+6), Cryptor(+1) and Cabal(0) to get to Wave 11 and got killed. So tomorrow I will clear Wave 11 and see if I will need to use credits or not to get through Wave 13.
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