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Thread: Rookie guides: Primus Invasion hints

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    Rookie guides: Primus Invasion hints

    The subject of Primus Invasion was addressed already few times on this forum but..
    a) the most in-depth explanations found in this thread are really valuable but rather cryptic for new players in my opinion
    b) a rather descriptive thread in russian to be found here lacks some useful hints
    c) few more Primus- Invasion related threads to be found on this forum are not really helpful for an inexperienced player.

    This guide is intended for players in low levels, from level 70 and up.

    So let's proceed.
    Primus Invasion is an weekly event designed mostly for level 70+ players and is a really good source of R5 (and from level 80 up, for R6) nukes. probably a half of galactonites i'm using right now are built using those R6 nukes i've collected in Primus Invasions over time.

    The key to success (read to sneak in killboard and from lvl 80 up into damage board) is to have Dark Asgard (DA) in your fleet. Of course there are other commanders combo that will allow you to do enough damage (Alfred/Cabal + Krill at +7 as lt) but i really doubt that a lvl 70 or 90 player has enough augmentation chips and pandora power cores to upgrade Krill to +7. Using a different tank like Lance is also possible but it is less productive as many escorts in Primus Invasion have mass special attacks and will remove the ships behind Lance quite fast.

    It is quite easy to get Dark Asgard (40 passes of Chaos Quasar aka Distort Spacetime should not be a problem for any thoughtful player imho) and if done in due time, one will have DA just in time by level 70. I assume that first 40 levels are achieved in first day or two of play, and later on one level per day all the way up to 60..65. Once a player hits lvl 70 he should have DA already and his equipment already leveled up using plans and maxed out. Also some z-bosons levels on main gun and shields are recommended.

    Geoffrey is an even better option for lvl 90+ players if they have enough firepower and high defense while for lvl 100 players Geoffrey is a must. For players at levels 70..99 Dark Asgard has the advantage of 200k shields lasting two rounds while Geoffrey shields are 300k but last only one round.

    Here is checklist with prerequisites for Primus Invasion:
    1) Dark Asgard
    2) fully upgraded equipment and reasonable z-bosoned
    3) few good damage dealers (when you're in at level 70+ you may consider to play invasion using DA, flagship and 3 monomer destroyers - DA shields will keep you alive )
    4) Some quality lieutenants are also required (Jackie augmented to +1, Kit augmented to +4)
    5) at least one StarOcean galactonite leveled high enought to allow DA to start with accumulators at 100+
    6) All defensive and offensive tech available to you maxed out (except basic ones)
    7) set up your fleet in a manner that DA will fire first, so you'll be protected by his 200k shields
    8) some good DEF, SDEF, ATK/EATK and SATK boosting galactonites on each commander will be of great help in invasions.
    Having all this one need to chase escort fleets.

    There are 2 sessions of primus invasions, in each session lasts 30 min and there are 10 waves. Every wave of invasions starts from corners and enemies are making their way towards the center.
    First session starts a 1:00 UTC so you need to send your fleet to a most distant planet some minutes before invasion starts.

    Here is the breakdown on types of fleets that will attack each planet by wave

    If you're in low 70..80+ then use coatings
    at 00:50 UTC send your fleet to ML004. and power up for 200 credits. You should survive first 3 waves. When 3rd wave is over, send your fleet to ML008 (you'll miss wave 4 but you'll save on teleport) Meet 5th wave on ML008. Once 5th wave is over make your way back to ML004 and fight escorts from 7th wave there (once again, you'll skip a wave, 6th one this time).
    Once this 7th wave is over, use teleport (first time) to reach ML008, use a power up and fight 8th wave there. Once 8th wave will be gone, teleport again (2nd time) to ML009 or ML010 and stay there until session ends.

    Now, when 1st session is over, send your fleet to ML011 and let it stay there until second session.
    At 12:55 UTC log into the game and check primus invasion interface.
    Here is the step-by-step breakdown of 2nd session:
    Meet first 3 waves on ML011 (do a power up few seconds before escorts will hit the planet) then send your fleet to ML001 to fight 5th wave there.
    Once 5th wave is over send your fleets to ML010/ML011 for 7th wave (and make sure you'll skip 6th wave in the meantime).
    When 7th wave is beaten, use your last (3rd) free teleport to ML001, do a power up just before escorts will hit the planet (4th and last power up to be done)
    Here is the tricky part: once the fight with 8th wave starts, wait some 30 seconds and send your fleet to ML004. DO NOT WAIT for battle end as you'll miss the next wave. Of course, you can use a paid teleport but this is up to you

    In first several attempts (especially while in 70's) you'll get probably one R5 nuke for killboard and with some luck an R6 for damage board. From level 80 onward you'll have your pair of nukes on weekly basis.
    Once at level 100, replace DA with Geoffrey and get your nukes without force ups

    Good luck and happy hunting escorts
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