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Thread: Test Pandora Rewards Missing

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    Test Pandora Rewards Missing

    I didn't get any chips from Pandora. Anyone got the rewards?

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    I have read from players (Nopo, iOS) receiving the rewards, but I myself did not get it so far. Also the result mail is missing (who was MVP, my fantastic contribution ...).
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    I also didnt get any rewards this morning from the Pandora.....Bring on the compensation
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    Mail was missing how much points I scored but I received 7 chips and some other stuff :-)

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    Багах новой Пандоры сколько можно !!!!!
    из уже найденного:
    - Внутренняя ошибка при входе
    - Чат виснет, сообщения не отправляются
    - Время смерти указано от балды
    - Мертвые на звезде - нормальное явление
    - Раздвоение некоторых аккаунтов
    - Ракеты стреляют вне эвента и причем убивают реально
    - При входе на акции идёт полное зависание войти невозможно
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    Hi, i got them this morning
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    I also didnt get any reward. Not even a mail

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    I recieved the ones from the influence points, but not the ones from the ruling star.

    It was so lagged and bugged that when my group recieved the the chips, they appeared on the star, but when you wanted to collect them a message saying Internal error appeared. After an hour, the chip was gone.
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    İ havent got the chips too, version android

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    I have not gotten any chips so far. I scored 6 chips
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