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Thread: New pandora is a mess another event nerfed by t4$-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myhay Nycu Maglasu View Post
    How many points you got and how many points from suicides you got?
    I got 355 points without spending 1 credit.
    Most of them i got from suicide thats true but
    this way i can get more Points than "normal" Pandora.

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    The idea of the new pandora was great , but unfair ... i was on doubt with my spent that i had done ... for what ... i was against some players with the same team , and same level but they was 800 mln and up force i was half of them ... terrible... so hard te win a battle against them ...
    To the new pandora was unfair force balance enemies ....

    And i dont take all my rewards ... they will compesate them...????
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    Ok.. I needed some time to digest the utter dissapointment from "new" Pandora.

    It was all said here , too many players, huge lag,.. but first and foremost HUGE inbalance in Force!!! Me with my 260m force I was up against guys with 1B as well, I have seen Amedo with almost 1B ... what to add I was at the end of the food chain, just this time facing guys 400m -1B coming from all directions was impossible to get a good results.. I though that t4f will make a rewards for the longest loosing streak I would definiively get that achievement.. I stop my counting by 7 and left the game ..

    I still cannot understand the t4f organization, they knew already outcome of this match up system, so why doing it?
    Did they want to push spending on paintcoats? That seems to be only reason to me and created huge disapointment in the community. This actually pushed me over the edge and started considering to quit this game and invest my time elswhere ...

    Only plus, I kind of liked the afternoon/night time for mini events. The one during Primus was crazy, but they could shif it by 30mins to start after Primus when most people are online..

    And I made mistake ..because the question in Pool was confusing, and voted "YES" but meant "NO" way ...
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    Recorded 1 more no and 1 less yes
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    I would like to vote yes and no

    Yes, because i like the general idea behind this new panda, i agree there is still some tuning to be done, but we were all aware that this was merely a test version.

    No, because of the bad timing on the mini events, to much players in each group, and the bugs during the mini events.

    On my main account i was faced with 1B forced players, so the only playing i did was come out of base to be killed within 10 minutes.

    On my second account (lv69) it was fun to play, each player was between lv 60 and lv 70, so we had some nice battling going on. Active players for each camp was around 30 players and that worked out fine, i ended up 4th overall and 1st of my camp with 731 influence points, without spending 1 credit. The only bummer is that apparently something went wrong and i didn't receive all earned chips.

    I did send a ticket to tap with my concerns and ideas and this time i even got a response

    So my overall idea about this new test version is that this format could work if some fine-tuning is done and the matching for lv 100 players is to be improved.
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    If I can have my few cents here, I'd say that T4$ is calibrating its servers on future world and server matching events.
    As every test or trial period this is no different then some statistical approach that is characteristic for large cloud based game servers as LoL (league of legends) etc.
    After trial game period is over main server or servers will know better which world is more suitable match for other then sheer force number of one word against another.
    In games as this one strategy is main drive, so it needs to be seen as such. Other parameters this time must be taken into account as for example which world have a number of high force players or commanders to match against nearly similar other world commanders.
    If this is the case, then after this calibration period, we would hopefully expect some more playable and cheerful experience.
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    I vote. As I like this Pandora. I met almost and a bit high than me players. As I am playing regular Pandora it's too interesting with out lvl95+ beasts with 150+m force. My force is 45m in lvl85. I met top player is 69.9m with Pandora buff when they are ruling. This is the best Pandora if you guys rectify the bugs and lag for below lvl90 players. And I faced some lvl90 players too. But when we compare this to regular Pandora low in numbers and force power.I enjoyed a lot.

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    Pandora no bueno. I can't even last in any nodes.
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    Yes 800 8135 this its too bad
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