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Thread: Rookie guides: Ships, ship's stats and battle equations explained

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    I did not understand, the damage S-ATK also depends on your ATK ??? How?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NarakuITA View Post
    I did not understand, the damage S-ATK also depends on your ATK ??? How?
    Depends on which S-ATK you are referring to.

    There is the attribute S-ATK (let's call it Special attack, SATK1 in the formula) which is used when the accumulator is 100 or more.

    There is also the S-ATK (let's call it Summed attack) which adds both ATK and S-ATK (Special) together.

    As Pliusomiot summarised so nicely:
    Quote Originally Posted by Pliusomiot View Post
    Special Attack
    [(ATK1 + SATK1) - (DEF2 + SDEF2)] ACC1 Spec_Mod1 = Damage Dealt

    Quote Originally Posted by Pliusomiot View Post
    With big thanks to the tap4fun dude responsible for commander's description, we have here a mess: S-ATK ship's stat AND the Spec Modifier that refers to the Damage dealt as a result of special attack are noted in description with the same code {Nopo's remarks: reference} S-ATK
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    As No Po wrote the term S-ATK is used for 2 different (but somehow related) things. I'd like to extend No Po's information just a bit.

    One kind of "S-ATK" is the commander attribute you see when you look at the specific attributes of a commander like HP, ATK, S-ATK, DEF, S-DEF, Hitrate, Block, ...

    The other type of "S-ATK" is in the textual special attack (or skill) description of the commander. E. g.: Single attack, deals 120% S-ATK damage. Here it would be better if tap would use a different wording like "Single attack, deals 120% Special Attack damage." in order to avoid confusion.

    The special attack or special skill damage a commander inflicts depends on several influencing factors. Among those factors are ATK and S-ATK of the attacking commander and DEF and S-DEF of the defending commander. So what you heard is correct: the ATK value is influencing the special attack damage.

    (A full list of factors influencing the damage can be found here: Battle Equations Revised.)
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