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Thread: Rookie guides: Ships, ship's stats and battle equations explained

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    Rookie guides: Ships, ship's stats and battle equations explained

    Galaxy Legend game is built around battles, and battles are carried out by fleets consisting of 1..5 commanders on each side. i think this subject has to be explained to novice payers

    Commander's attributes
    There is a plethora of commanders (ships) available in the game and this number is constantly growing at a breathtaking rate.
    Every commander has his particular combination of standard attributes (17 right now in total).
    Among those attributes there is one called "accumulator". Every time when ship fires it's own attack, as well as in majority of cases when the ship is hit by opponent fire, the accumulator gains 25 points. Once accumulator is charged to 100 or beyond, the next time when the ship is going to fire it will fire it's special attack.

    Special attack is particular to every ship, can be monomer (hits only one target just like regular attack does), multihit (horizontal, vertical, cross, irregular (Seagal and Armoray) or self.
    Special attack usually has some side effect that could be useful for your team. Read carefully ship's description for those side effects a special attack could have.
    Self special attack is to be found only on some ships. In this case no direct damage to opponent ships is dealt (Octo for instance).

    As i said, every commander has a set of 17 attributes (but some of those attributes are equal to 0)
    I will try to explain briefly each attribute (also called stat). Later on I'll address battle equations that make uses of all those stats for a complete description.


    1. Primary ship attributes (primary stats)
    HP (health points) - the amount of damage a ship can sustain before it is removed from the battlefield. Can be improved by armor reshape/hull reshape.

    ATK (attack) - the regular attack power of the ship. The regualr damage dealt to an opponent ship is computed based on this attribute. Not available for destroyers.

    DEF (defense) - the regular defense ability stat of a ship. When attacked, the DEF amount is deducted from attacker's ATK and what's left will be called regular dealt damage and will be used further to compute exact damage that will be applied to attacked ship.

    SATK (Special or Super attack) - ATK stat modifier when a special attack is fired due to accumulator increase to 100 or above. SATK value is added to ATK and determine the final ATK used further in equations.

    SDEF (Special or Super defense) - DEF stat modifier when defending agains a super attack. SDEF value is added to DEF and the result is used further in equations.

    EATK (Electrical ATK) - this stat was introduced when destroyers were introduced into the game. Accordingly, it has a positive value only for destroyers and is used instead of ATK in battle equations when a Destroyer class Ship attacks.

    EDEF (Electrical DEF) - also a stat introduced when destroyer class has been added to the game. It substitutes DEF stat in battle equations when defensive power is computed in case of a destroyer's attack.

    SHD (Shield) - a stat particular to Protector class, normally has value 0 for all other classes. SHD act as additional HP for protectors and for this reason is somehow redundant in the whole game mechanics. I suspect that additional HP shields given by different commanders (Dark Asgard, Annika, Lance, Geoffrey) during the battle are added to this parameter by game engine. Intake "damage dealt" is deducted first from SHD stat and if there is more damage, the rest goes to HP. Graphically represented by a bar (for protectors only)

    SPD (Speed) - a parameter that determines who will start the firing sequence in a battle. Actual speed of the entire fleet (lieutenants effect included) is determined when a battle starts. The fleet having higher total speed will start the firing sequence, and in case of a tie the first opponent to fire is to be determined by flipping a coin

    Right now all base stats except EDEF can be improved by technologies, corresponding equipment and galactonites, coatings (except Shield and Speed), some lieutenants skills (except Shield) or by augmenting the ship.
    EDEF can be improved only by spending tech points on corresponding technologies in Research Lab.

    Most base stats can be improved further by TSx modules. The bonus added to base stats by TS modules are applied before equipment bonus or galactonites.

    ACCUM (Accumulator) - also a base stat that determines if next attack will be a normal one or a Super attack. Super attack is triggered every time when accumulator has a value greater or equal to 100. Accumulator is increased by 25 points every time a ship fires normal attack, and in most cases (exceptions are mentioned in handbook) accumulator is charged by 25 points every time when a ship is hit. Super attack depletes accumulator. Some commanders have Super attacks that could charge with more than 25, could discharge or even deplete target's accumulator.

    2. Percentage stats

    CRIT (Critical chance) - a parameter used to determine if an attack will be converted to a critical attack.

    ANTICRIT (Anti critical chance) - this stat of attacked ship is compared with CRIT stat of the attacker and if it is lower a critical attack may be triggered.

    CRIT ATK (Crittical attack damage modifier) - this stat act as a multiplier for computed damage to be dealt if a critical attack is triggered.

    PEN (Penetration) - parameter that is evaluated when determining if an attack will pass opponent's defenses or can be blocked. It is compared against it's counterpart stat called Block (see below)

    BLOCK - Parameter responsible for ship's capacity to block an attack. If attacker PEN parameter is lower than defender's BLOCK, there is a high chance that the attack will be blocked. If an attack is blocked, the attacked ship gets only 1/2 of computed damage.

    HIT (Hit Rate) - This stat determines in conjunction with attacked ship's DODGE the chance to hit the opponent or to miss. Works pretty much like PEN/BLOCK pair.

    DODGE - parameter that determines ship's ability to dodge enemy fire. If the chance of dodge is given, the ship will take no damage at all from attack (but also will not charge it's own accumulator on enemy fire)

    Percentage attributes can be improved only by galactonites, TS modules starting from TS2 and by some commander's lieutenant skills.

    Special note here: all stats except Speed can be altered during a battle by side effects of Supper attacks. Check carefully the Handbook for each ship Super attack description.

    Now let's take a look at those battle equations that are involved (thanks to Zein and all old forum contributors to sorting out this subject in this thread)

    First of all, let's specify that in every case there are 2 ships involved: I will refer with (1) the attacking ship and with (2) the defending commander.

    In Player vs Player battles, the damage dealt = the damage that is subtracted form attacked ship's SHD or HP is computed using one of following formulas:

    Basic Attack
    ATK1 - DEF2 = Damage Dealt

    In the case of regular attacks it is simple: Attacker has ATK, defender has DEF. The bigger the difference between those two (and assuming that ATK1>DEF2) the bigger will be the damage dealt. What happens when ATK1<DEF2??? The answer is simple: normally 0 damage will be dealt to the defender. But for some reasons tap4fun designers decided to substitute 0 with a small positive value (like 21 or 22) so every time when you'll see a ship doing 22 damage you'll know that in fact his Attack power is inferior to defender's DEF stat. Actually, every time when subtraction part of the formula is 0 or lower, it is replaced by this small positive value (otherwise it could lead to a "healing" effect on attacked ship )

    Critical Attack
    (ATK1 - DEF2) x Crit_Atk1 = Damage Dealt

    By comparing Attacker CRIT stat AND defender's ANTICRIT, in cases when Crit is higher and the dice rolls are in your favor the regular attack could be replaced by a more powerful attack called Critical Attack. It is quite simple - the Basic Attack resulting damage is multiplied with Crit_Atk value of the Attacker. Since Crit_Atk parameter is higher than 100%, Critical Attack will deal always more damage than regular attack.

    Special Attack
    [(ATK1 + SATK1) - (DEF2 + SDEF2)] ACC1 Spec_Mod1 = Damage Dealt

    With big thanks to the tap4fun dude responsible for commander's description, we have here a mess: S-ATK ship's stat AND the Spec Modifier that refers to the Damage dealt as a result of special attack are noted in description with the same code S-ATK
    In this picture below I did separate them (I hope once for all): Spec Mod is in text description while S-ATK is ship stat in the same area with ATK, DEF, E-DEF etc


    As you remember, a Special Attack is triggered when Accumulator is greater or equal to 100%. When effective accumulator value is over 100, we call that an OVERCHARGED accumulator as ACC1 value will act also as a multiplier. For a really high overcharged accumulator (let's say 200% or more) that could result in a devastating special attack that will wipe you out from the map (actually that is exactly what happens in some stages of the wormholes kindly designed for us by t4f guys with Dingo-like destroyer or Flagship )

    Critical Special Attack
    [(ATK1 + SATK1) - (DEF2 + SDEF2)] Spec_Mod1 Crit_Atk1 x ACC1 = Damage Dealt

    Nothing complicated here as it is the same Special Attack as before but "enriched" with a Critical. Let's call it the worst case possible, as with a good Tekken and an overcharged Accumulator this Critical Special Attack will probably remove affected ships from the battlefield

    For the rest of the battle equations (PRIMUS battle and for Regular vs Destroyer sets) please reffer to the original topic that is to be found HERE
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