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Thread: Commander Focus #16: Geoffrey

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    Commander Focus #16: Geoffrey

    Hello, Commanders.

    This week we are going to talk about the blonde wall: Geoffrey. Check the end of this article for more details about the rules to get the reward.

    A few months ago this great protector came to fight for us and showed a terrific special: Agility Shield. He was the first commander to have a special that improves as he reaches some augument levels. His ability gives a shield for each ally according to the list bellow:
    At +1 600k HP Shield;
    At +3 1M HP Shield;
    At +5 1.5M HP Shield;
    At +7 2M HP Shield;
    At +10 2.5M HP Shield.

    Except from +1 to +3 the increase is 500K HP for the shield as he reaches each the necessary augument level and this extra HP makes a big difference. When I bought him I used him at +5 for about 2 weeks to test and was not too impressed, although after a lot of talk with the players I decided to risk to make him +7… Why didn’t I do this before? He became a big monster that can completely turn a lost battle in your favor, specialty if he is paired with Acc’tan +4 as lieutenant. Another example to show how this extra 500k HP in the shield is terrific is Jolen’s (from IOS) and MAXIGOR’s Geoffrey. At +10 their Protector is just incredible and really hard to beat even for strong players as Vainqueur and Pong.

    Geoffrey comes with a good anticritical and a high block. He also has a very nice dodge rate.
    At the moment I’m using him in my fleet and in most of my battle he is the first to shot. If the enemy doesn’t have Stratus or, sometimes, Incendos at the right position it’s hard to beat my fleet (if I fire first) with all my commanders with extra 2M HP.

    His main enemies are Stratus, Kit as lieutenant (specialty with Dor or other commander that recovers accumulator) and Destroyers.

    At Pandora he is really great. As your commanders gets the shield and it doesn’t count as fleet HP, I’m able to beat a lot of players losing only a few % of my fleet, so my enemies are not usually happy at Pandora.

    I believe Geoffrey is a very good commander to have in fleet, as he opens a lot of possibilities, including a way to beat stronger players. Do you agree? Discuss here about what you think about this amazing protector and tell us if you have him or plan to get him.

    See you in the Galaxy!

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    The top 3 best comments until 29 June 2016 at 2:00 UCT will be rewarded as the following:

    - 2,500 credits & 3 protector chips for the best comment;
    - 1,000 credits & 2 protector chips for the second best comment;
    - 500 credits & 1 protector chip for the third best comment.

    We will focus the evaluation of the comments on: the level of details, the originality and the analysis of the pro and cons about using Geoffrey. You can also bring amazing videos showing how Geoffrey can change completely the outcome of a battle.

    Each player can make maximum of 2 comments. Edits are allowed if they are done before the end of the event. If the same player comments more than twice only his first two comments will be evaluated.

    In the end of each comment put your Username, server, world and platform. Make sure you put your account details correctly, as they are necessary for you to receive your prize. A comment without those informations will not be considered.

    Good Luck for all!
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    In this first part I would like to talk a little bit about Geoffrey's worse enemies and how to counter them.

    1) The first place as enemies I will not put a specific commander but a stat: Penetration
    The way to beat Geoffrey is by enhancing the penetration of commanders by a lot. No block = no perma shield.
    Strikers, FS and Protectors can take additional penetration from TS modules. So if you do have problems with a Geoffrey, don't forget this secondary attribute for TS modules.

    Saftey measure: Now for the Geoffrey users the antidote is of course ... block as a secondary TS module. If you notice that you don't yet have a decent block rate for Geoffrey ... and by decent I mean at least around 70% ... take block as an attribute.

    2) Stratus at +7 and above.
    The main reason Stratus is put on 2nd place and not someone else is because it counters very well Acc'tan. With a Stratus of +7 the enemy Geoffrey would need around 11 activations of Acc'tan to be safe. Most of the time this won't happen and Geoffrey will be vulnerable for a while.

    Safety measure: Just one really ... Kill Stratus before it kills you

    3) Dor with Lt. Kit
    Lt. Kit basically makes it so that Geoffrey can't use his best asset ... the shield. Pair that with Dor having permanent 100 accumulator and activating Lt. Kit each turn and you get a perfect Geoffrey stopper. Unless the enemy is lucky so that Kit doesn't activate, Dor should be an almost perfect killing machine vs Geoffrey.

    Safety measure: Kill Dor as soon as you can, there's no other way around. Use Dor or Roxy yourself it you have problems hitting him.

    4) Alfred
    Alfred has a very interesting attack which makes it very dangerous for Geoffrey. The initial blast is weak enough not to trigger Acc'tan while the delayed damage is very potent, enough to kill most of the time. Add to this the fact the course ending is just like poison and ignores shield effect taking damage directly from the hull of a ship ... and you get a very good tool to destroy a Geoffrey.

    Safety measure: There are actually 2 things one can do aside the obvious killing of Alfred: either place Geoffrey in such a position that it has at least 1-2 Acc'tan activations by the time the course explodes or have Maggie in the fleet shoot Alfred before it shoots the course.

    5) Destroyers
    Destroyers I consider to be lower on the danger list because once the shield is up, although they do ignore defense, Geoffrey virtually has so high of a life pool that an equally powerful destroyer shouldn't be able to kill him. It might take half the life but most of the time won't kill.

    Safety measure: upgrade all e-def tech trees and kill the destroyers before they kill you.

    6) Roxy
    Roxy is good at finishing Geoffreys who already have many Acc'tan activations. Basically that 1 Million damage is enough to do the job if Geoffrey doesn't have a shield on.

    Saftey measure: high block and kill Roxy. Less of a priority then the others on the kill list but still should be dealt with sooner rather than later.

    7) Geoffrey
    Last but not least ... Run Geoffrey yourself, be the attacker, activate Acc'tan first and you should win most of the time as long as you eliminated the main threats from the list above.

    Saftey measure: have the better Geoffrey and use some of the above mentioned killers ... preferably more than one
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    I don't know what was be in future but in present time he is a best defender. I have him

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    Я не как не решусь на его покупку. Как защитник он очень хорош в паре с жабой вообще безценен когда остается один на один со своими протисниками. С моим Флотом Инс Арм Альф Стак и летехи Валя Кит Зарбон Эльза Джек нужен ли он мне. И все больше и бальше прихожу к мнению что нужен причиповке +7 тс3 и хороших камнях он будет приносить мне очень много пользы. А истории про Джеффа очень простые в турнире галактики оставщись в одиночистве Джефф убил весь мой флот. Скорее всего себе его куплю а если нет тогда уже криль .
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    Geoffrey is currently the best Protector that we currently have, some even argued Geoffrey is better than Katiya Storm!

    His Agility Shield is much better than Dark Asgard's Dark Halo, because of the scaling effect as you get higher augmentations. If you notice, almost everyone has Geoffrey. Geoffrey is a game changer not only in PvP but Primus Invasion. Before Geoffrey came out, I was using DA and the 200K HP shield just didn't cut it to survive long enough at Primus Invasion, with Geoffrey I was able to become a competitor at Primus Invasion.

    Let's list some advantages and disadvantages with Geoffrey:

    - Best defensive shield currently in the game, like a "Lance shield" on each commander
    - High survivability with high block and high dodge for a Protector
    - Equipped with Lt Acc'tan, almost unstoppable - these two make a great pair

    - Geoffrey has low damage/critical % chance of 5% initial making it hard to put a dent against someone similar strength as you since most commanders have good anti-crit or players will have Dual anti-crit or R6 Divine Shield galas
    - Vulnerable to Lt Kit going off first if you do not have first shot, so depending too much on Geoffrey alone might not be the best idea with all the lock/freezing and cross attack commanders currently available, Geoffrey's shield might not even go off in the 2nd round

    As you can see in this following Video, Geoffrey can definitely turn the game around when it looks like you're losing and it shows how effective Lt Acc'tan can be:

    Overall, Geoffrey is a great investment for anyone who is looking to get him. For everyone who has him already, he will probably be the best Protector for a long time to come.

    There are some fleets that can counter Geoffrey as well, however not very often seen. Some people run a fleet with no protectors and they add more "fire power" to their fleet. Some runs a 2 Destroyer fleet. Sometimes Geoffrey will not activate Acc'tan to win against a power aggressive opponent or not be able to kill the destroyer that threatens Geoffrey.

    Regardless, I am very satisfied that I got Geoffrey to replace DA when he first came out - even though Geoffrey costed me 50K

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    I don't compete in this discussion for the prices but I really like Geoffrey. He was the first commander (except Retrobot) I decided to go for in his release event.

    Some details helpful for discussing the current role of Geoffrey my be found here:

    I surely don't want to encourage you to copy the content from those threads but continuing lose ends or putting aspects in the current timeframe definitely adds valueable content!
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    I am a fan as well of Geoffrey while I got DA after a while and liked the ability when Geoffrey was offered I immediately tried my luck as seeing the ability of a 1M HP shield for each ship of your fleet (yes I am only level 99) did make a lot of sense. Since having Geoffrey I use him in almost every battle and I am sure that once I pass to lvl 100 the augmentation will go right away to +5 and even higher to even get a higher HP shield. An awesome protector which is a great asset to your formation, and seeing that Jolen used Geoffrey to beat Pong on the last CCC that says it all that it is a great investment for the future.
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    They say if you can beat them, join them... So after so many lost battles against opponents of lower power due to Geoffrey's upside attribute, I decided to invest on him!
    Can't wait to insert him in my line-up...

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    King Geoffrey, Geoffrey oh Geoffrey!

    There is so much to say but the most has been said already in the links Nachteule posted. So I will just describe what changed for me when I was able to achieve him and do a little summarize. Because figures shows best what great benefit Geoffrey is at least for me, and we all love figures.

    I was good enough before to keep my fleet in the top10 and able with tactic and good formation to beat even stronger players or better fleets/commanders, mostly because I win the speed race on my server. But the stronger players easily could beat me anytime, if formation was not 100 % perfect.

    With Geoffrey everything changed! Now I can easily win against every player on my server, even if my formation fits not very well to the others player formation.

    I also have good chances to win the fight if other players might have the first shot, which I recognized in particular during Pandora, where I can score now easily better results. Even with 4 or two ships you might have good chances to take down other fleets under the protection of Geoffrey’s shield. So you do not have to repair and can go for a streak.

    Best progress I made within Primus Invasion. While it was hard and close for me before to score a place under the top 800 for damage I can now relax and enjoy as I improved to places between 200 and 300 with one try. Last time I tried both tries and scored a place under the top40 without spending extra credits! So how can these figures lie? 

    So in my eyes a huge improvement for solely one new commander in my fleet and maybe a little sign that Geoffrey is overpowered…
    I mean I have Geoffrey only +6 and using him without Acc’tan, I am really looking forward to get Acc’tan and augment Geoffrey to +7, I think this will get me another boost. We saw the video from anhtbxn! I definitively need this combo which is in my opinion the best one for Geoffrey and makes him king (or a monster if you have to face him).

    So special is great - stats are fine! Good anticrit and of course very helpful that he has beside a good block rate for defenders a good dodge rate which help him to stay alive even against massive attacks.

    However why I am still losing to other players?

    1. They also have (a better) Geoffrey. Yeah yeah the good old Mirror-Match (check the Link from Nachteule - it says all!
    2. I do not have the first shot and a smart player on the other side, who blocks, locks or one hits Geoffrey. Not very polite but genius
    3. I match a player who is in total stronger and overpowers Geoffreys shields and kicks his ass – damn where are all the high spenders from and why the hell I started pay to win ;-)

    Finally I am very glad to have Geoffrey in my fleet and I think up to now he makes the difference. Hopefully he will live longer then his namesake in Game of Thrones 

    The king is dead – long live the king!

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    Geofrey vs Geofrey

    More dodge & block.

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