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Thread: Bosons, best way to upgrade ?

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    From z3nithor's post at the old forum the upgrade cap for z-bosons are:

    Level 55-59 you are capped at +19 boson
    Level 60-69 you are capped at +39 boson
    Level 70-79 you are capped at +59 boson
    Level 80-89 you are capped at +79 boson
    Level 90-100 you are capped at +100 boson
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    From programmer's point of view any mystical approach is pretty unlikely. I stated that before on Facebook:
    1st: Why should a healthy-brained programmer invest time to implement a random number generation procedure if this is already part of all modern programming libraries?
    2nd: This could be checked if gamers log their results and create a large data set. And if this would show a fraud by tap this can have serious consequences from Google/Apple, I guess.

    When you look at the data in my personal Z Boson Application Log (link below; sheet "Boson Analysis") you will see that the displayed success rates and the measured success rates from several 1000 applications matches roughly. (For the deeply statistically interested: I checked the data with confidence methods too and considered correction for multivariation and the data do not show evidence that the displayed success rates are wrong!)

    Have a look at the success rates which have many samples (green in column "N"). Although the displayed percentages and the observed measurements match the total average outcomes for successful (1, 2, 3) and failed applications (0, -1, -2) seem to be different. tap4fun does not say anything how the chances for -2...+3 are distributed and I suppose they are not equal for all success classes!

    For the question regarding the best method to maximize Boson applications: From mathematical/computer sciencifical point of view it does not matter if you switch equipment on fail or not or wait some minutes after a fail. Each application is a single event processed by the server independently (draw a random number, compare to success threshold, then draw a second random number and determine final outcome of -2, -1, 0 for a fail and +1, +2, +3 in case of a success).

    From psychological point of view it it might matter what method you use. Fluctuation can be mitigated by larger samples. Following that I recommend not to apply any single Z Boson or the daily 24 from Chaos Quasar and Infinite Cosmos each day but to collect at least 90-100 Z Bosons before starting a Bosoning session. Then it is very likely you get your equipment leveled at least 10 to 20 levels and so always finishing with some feeling of success.
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    I'm in my last equipment and I always upgraded one equipment until it reached lvl 100, as the difference from a lvl 90 to a lvl 100 is huge.
    I still think it's more about luck than anything.
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