It is difficult to screen record an iOS device either on the device itself as you need to have it jailbroken (i don't recommend it) or a Mac.

But now with Airplay support on Windows computer, one can do it. It is not as convenient as in-device recording like on the Android but it is better than none.

There are paid solutions and there are free solutions.

The one I use, of course is the free solution. LonelyScreen can be download from and it is a free without any restrictions that supports Airplay on an iOS device to record the screen of the iOS device.

After installation of Lonely Screen and a frustration free recording experience, follow the steps below

  1. Ensure both device is on the same network
    • Disable Wi-Fi on the iOS device
    • Disable every other network connection on Windows Computer
    • USB Personal Hotspot to the Windows computer
  2. Start Galaxy Legend
  3. Drap up from the bottom to reveal Airplay
  4. Switch to Airplay and choose Lonely Screen and Mirror
  5. And now, Lonely Screen should show Galaxy Legend
  6. The interface is pretty intuitive (there is only 1 big red record / stop button)
  7. Do a test record and see if you can play it back with Windows Media Player
  8. If you cannot, then try again, ensuring, the order of steps is the same as outline above

It is possible to use both Wi-Fi on the iOS device and the Windows Computer, but I found it difficult to get it right, so I recommend USB Personal Hotspot to have both iOS device and Windows Computer on the same network

You may need to allow LonelyScreen to communicate through the firewall (support page