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Thread: Recruiting Geoffrey 20K Credits

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    Recruiting Geoffrey 20K Credits

    I really like this commander (even if I hate Joffrey Baratheon from the show "Game of Thrones").

    So this time was more lucky, 10K each chip

    Link on YouTube:

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    Hahaha, yes I thought i'am the only one...I recruited him for only 19,300 credit 😉😉 we are lucky 😎😎😇😇
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    how do u people get so much credits..... this guy had like 143k credits isnt that over like $1000 US?

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    I got him for 14k I think a couple of months ago. True luck indeed!

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    well done dude
    =ERL=.s68 world 971 Android

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    Just collecting credits month to month

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    I also got him for 21/22k total... by my standarts extreme luck
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    Thank you so much for the video!!!
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