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My usual formation for unknown opponents is:
- Geoffrey -
Retrobot - Flagship
Dor Incendos -

If I can establish Geoffrey's shield in first round this means often game over even for stronger opponents (Retrobot's accu drain creates more hits Geoffrey can block+counter, more shields, more drains... and in between Dor kills opposing ships one by one). Left column is controlled by Retrobot and right column is "sacrificed". Flagship is here to attract the hits from opponent's right column. Retrobot is most likely to dodge hits so usually he can tank hits from left opponent column and cross/horizontal attacks invading via Flagship. Sacrificing right column also means all opposing ships in middle or right column hit my Geoffrey. Often that means just another shield release sometimes I get him in Acc'tan activation range but rarely he dies from that.
Retrobot has Krill and either several hits with Goeffrey shield just reload Retrobot's accu or often he gets within Krill activation range and fires his special in second round again.

Another reason for my formation is FD. If FD is left and fires first he usually kills or misses Retrobot. Losing Retrobot in some way helps to win against FD. Often the little Bot messes my Jackie loop by freezing FD. Then my Incendos fires his special, kills a ship or two but if FD survives he easily kills 2 or 3 of my ships until Incendos' accu is again at 100% (if he is still there...).

As Dor is behind Retrobot I can usually win the damage race against FD if FD is in left column. Middle column FD is mainly stopped by a block of Geoffrey and right column as said is sacrificed.


Sometimes I play a bit with the formation especially against much stronger opponents. Here a 600M force battle with perfect (very lucky) anti-formations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCXNyXKQMec
mmm, that must be a weak FD. He barely did damage to Geoffrey. Geoffrey resisted FD and Stratus Satk at the same time, without blocking. That's just not possible if the rival is of the similar force