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Thread: R6 Dual Galactonite Combinations

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    Well, after blowing 20k on the TS4 packs & getting TWO CHIPS, I'm glad to get a TS4 chip at 90% off

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    First days i saw a few 90% off items, But no item with x5 orx10...only stuff like 1x R6 Chroma Prism or a single Ship Class Chip. The last 48 hours i haven't seen any 90% items at BM :-/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hernan D View Post
    Guys, I have a offer of 1000 crystals for a nuclear R7. Should I use them on that, or on dual prisms (5 packs of 5)?
    Depends which R7 you plan to get. From what I've seen in terms of Hit rate my R-7 has 22.5% which took 320000 energy. The Dual R6 with hit rate goes to like 24 and 27%. Maybe if you use over 1 million energy then the R7 will come out on top.

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    Lvl6 r6 20
    Lvl6 dual 24
    Lvl5 R7 26
    Lvl7 dual 27
    Lvl6 R7 29,5
    Lvl8 dual 30

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    Wow, this post will help me a lot, first time I see this
    Nopo what a great job, just amazing
    thanks to Pliusomiot for sending the link

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    I've whipped up a sheet with all the new dual attribute galactonites and the combinations

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo Fischer View Post
    I've whipped up a sheet with all the new dual attribute galactonites and the combinations
    Thanks Leo!
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