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Thread: R5 dual with accumulator galactonite Vs starocean R5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triad View Post
    Is there any good use of R5 Meteors on Lv 96 since in recent galactonite event I managed to get one right after another Advanced galactonite lab for credits???
    Supose that in my configuration it would best fit for Lance or Q. Emma!!?

    Here you'll find an answer for your first question about what to do with R5 meteors.. refining

    Meteors adds a fixed amount of speed so it doesn't really matter on what commander will you use it.
    My choice is FS as least useful commander followed by those who have a free galactonite slot left
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    Thankz for the info since I haven't got much time to check here often.
    So R5 meteor is not so usable in battle at level 96?
    It's probably better to obtain more R5 meteors in order to refine it to R6..?
    I automatically created R2's to get R3 but refining R3 to R4 is Sisyphus job...
    So I'll autocreate R3 to get R4 after which R5 is easier to get and then refine to R6?
    I tried to do the same with R4 resulting in R5 but, drop rate of R5 is sooo rare and looong... So I quit auto-creating of R4 and go lower to R3.
    If someone can advise from whicl Gala. lvl is the best way to take refining process to final R6 product?

    Cheers and sorry for any misconceptions
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    Hi, better starocean and sdef or def for me, prismatic hace to low attack
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