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Thread: What are the best ways to get R-6 Galactonites?

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    The 3x1 gala composing event, in combination with the R4+ advanced composing event, is your best bet (cheapest). Primus Invasion is about as good. If you absolutely need to control what kind of gala you get, you need to use the refine function. If you have lots of R5īs, use them to get you there faster. Refining from R4īs takes a loooong time. Also, consider this: for some type of galas, you are getting a 2-4% improvement over having an R5, so we're not talking about game-changing stones here. The only thing that's absolutely game-changing is getting better commanders. One more thing, I value R6's at around 1K credits. If you spend 300 credits (advanced gala lab) or 400-1000 credits (Primus Invasion), you're doing good, IMHO. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
    I dont think Geofrey will make differnce in Invasion. I have him, you just dont make enough damage at lvl100.
    I can't agree with you on this matter Frankie, every week i enter primus invasion with my pvp fleet, i'm only doing the afternoon session, i don't pay for a power up, and every week i'm able to get the R6 home due to Geoffrey, before i had this commander i played almost every week ending up with only tech points, just need to pick the right spot i think
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    Based on my own experience i concluded so far that Primus Invasion is an event for levels above 70. Once player has DA/Geoffrey he can expect some r5 nukes based on killboard.
    Later on, when at levels 78-79, by playing both sessions a player could score (with some luck, few paintcoats and maybe 2-3 powerups) enough damage to get an r6.
    Starting from lvl 80 onwards, a weekly r6 nuke could be achieved. Almost up to 87 or 88 i used to play both sessions (yep, i know, not too much fun to wake up in the middle of the night but r6 nukes was worth the effort in my opinion as i try to play moderate-low budget).
    After level 90, with DA/standard PvP fleet i was able to get an r6 nuke every friday, playing only one session (daytime) at expenses of 2-3 force ups and one paid teleportation.
    I will check this friday if i have to change again to two-sessions approach now when i switched to 100
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    I can take top 1-100 at space war for p6, primus invansion take top800 place and any events with p6
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    long time ago, u had so difficult to get R6, but now, it will be easier.
    u can get R6 from purchase daily or in event; in Pri mus on Friday every week; from Galactonites Advance event...
    All u need is Credits to get them
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