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Thread: Free GIFT? [5.-11.July]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pliusomiot View Post
    By now this was the nicest event produced by t4f since i play this game.
    Actually, entire events mix was the best so far (side task, wormholes, calendar bonuses, Vip chests during vip x3 event, new arena rewards concept etc)

    Still, all those minor glitches fade away compared to this first step done by game designers.
    I really hope tap4fun will continue on this road, and in the end we will have that balanced and fair gaming environment we are all looking for
    Indeed, best so far and engourages the active play. I normally criticize a lot of rubbish but here - nice work t4f, credit to you.
    Let us hope you will not mess it up next time.

    Only Celestial portal event was a big "no go" here one should re-thing who are the players served with this event!!!
    T4F cannot expect that everyone can afford to allways spend money.
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    i have the same problem. my account is get all of them, but another account dont get reward for login 7day consumtive, so, what happen ? is that random ???
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