Stratus has woken up from a terrible dream. Cold sweat flew down from a forehead. Dreamed him that that that huge and terrifying has destroyed the whole planet. Suddenly he was captured by feeling of a deja vu. Has suddenly recured reminiscence of panic flight and of the crying parents who have sent it to the memory it is unknown where and for not an obvious reason. The commander has got out of bed and the compartment where there was a small dining room has gone. Having poured itself coffee, Stratus has taken a mug and here he began to whirl the head, in eyes has darkened and memoirs have gushed with a new force.
"The huge shadow has hung over the planet, it was the enormous alien ship covered with huge unclear hieroglyphs".
Stratus has regained consciousness on a floor with mug splinters in hands.
- I have drunk coffee - with sarcasm the captain has told about himself.
Having made itself new coffee, he has gone to the captain's bridge, has sat down in the commander chair and has begun to look through headline news for the last several days.
"Parents have put him in a small spaceship and tearfully said goodbye to him. Stratus shouted and asked parents to depart with him, but the father has told him that the ship isn't designed for more than one passenger, has entered coordinates into the navigator of the ship and has closed the landing hatch"
Stratus has regained consciousness on the dashboard from a signal of the new message. Having read the report of the junior officer, about successful mission for release of the next planet from tyranny of apostles of dark will, the commander has begun to include a control system for a departure in the headquarters which are in couple of light years from him.
While the system was customized, Stratus has gone to check engines which I have repaired after skirmish with pirates recently. Having approached one of engines he has included a priborka the panel of setup of the engine...
"The earth with parents moved away and soon all has begun to darken around and here he has seen bright flash of light and the beam which has escaped from forward part of the huge ship. On the earth huge cracks were formed, all around a beam collapsed. The ship departed further and further from the native planet and more and more terrifying looked the destructions caused by attack of the alien ship. Suddenly the beam became even brighter and the planet began to be scattered literally on huge pieces. Stratus has frozen with horror and couldn't move from powerlessness. He represented over and over again what happens to parents and every time shouted and cried".
The commander from monotonous noise of the engine has regained consciousness. Having quickly jumped, he has rushed off to the archival computer and has begun to make requests for attacks of the huge ships, he guessed what the ship was, but he never heard that he could destroy the whole planet. Unexpectedly he has for a moment seen the file with a mark "the Istmoransky tragedy", having opened him he has seen very old pictures, thirty-year prescription, with the image of the huge ship the beam destroying the planet. The planet was called Moeran and was in east part of the Milky Way. Stratus has sat down on a chair and here rage has gushed over him. He has sworn to himself that in that became will destroy the ships of Primus what he hated...