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Thread: Primus invasion battle report button do not work

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    Primus invasion battle report button do not work

    That Tiny button on the left that shows you dmg & kills do not work.

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    I just checked on iOS the little button on the left works tonsjownme my kills and damage.

    Are you on Android cbehen?
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    Yes i am on Android. Everything works other that this button. I did primus, I dont know my stats.

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    Hi cbehen,

    I just tested and it worked fine. But I remember to have this had in the past. Did you try to move or resize (zoom-in or -out) the map? You may also try to tap this area frequently with the very tip of your finger.
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    Also checked this out, works like it's supposed to
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    i saw no bug in invasion today
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    No bugs..Works well..

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    Barely play it now. bad timing for me, but report works for me too
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    Doesn't seem to be broken for me either.
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