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    Cool Lancelot story part 2

    - Frost reception - called Lancelot.
    - What are the people - the answer was cold.
    - What is it this time? Again, that is not shared? And who at this time?
    - Can you help instead of talk?
    Lance switched shield and rushed toward the attackers. There were three.
    - Sometimes worse - Lancelot thought, pressing the red button on the dashboard.
    The ship creaked and in the bow of the ship began to appear massive plate.
    - Shield hold - shouted the commander, including thrusters. The dog hid under the seat, and Lancelot was ready to strike. Increase speed to the desired commander rammed one of the enemy and made a shot in another. There was a bright flash and the enemy ship broke into pieces. Seeing the approach of the last enemy, Lancelot prepared for the worst time to reversal was not. Suddenly he saw a wing commander shot, freeze and ship the last of the enemy after he saw delicate shell, which destroyed the enemy ship. From emptiness appeared ship camouflage colors.
    - Timely - breathed Lance - They came out of nowhere and did not even ask anything.
    - I was also recently attacked. Who attacked me in a separate cabin - nervously replied Lance - let's blow me will know what's happening, I'm glad to see you alive, Elsa.
    Docked with the ship Lance Elsa proceeded to his captain's bridge. After a short greeting, they went into the cabin to the prisoner. That, in turn, sat quietly in a corner and something muttered under his breath.
    - Well, come on tell me who ordered and that the attackers wanted to my friend? You have two options: either to tell for good or will have to use an injection of truth serum.
    - I have my own version - appeared in the hands of associated needle, she stuck her mercenary his neck and fell dead on the floor.
    - Well, you need to do something this - coldly said Lance.
    And the three of them stood and looked at the dead suicide ...
    The corpse of a mercenary lay still in the cockpit.
    - He almost killed me and said that my ordered the murder of someone powerful - after a long pause said Lance - and even before that two deserters attacked me and wanted to take my ship.
    *- Those three would just take my ship - Elsa's voice was as icy cold - But why?
    - I do not know why, but something very good is happening - worriedly said Lancelot. - What do you actually want when calling me - I asked Frost.
    - It's nothing special, just wanted to ask about the service - Lance slowly got up and began to examine the symbols on a dead mercenary - I was going to go home, but have already said, I was attacked and why would you ask you to escort me to the house in disguise mode .
    *- I'd love to help you, but after the last clash my masking panels are damaged, but I can accompany you and without them - Elsa stood up, walked over to the corpse and began to check the clothes of the enemy equipment.
    - What are you doing - Lancelot asked in amazement.
    - What do you think? I am that can give at least some clue - calmly replied Elsa.
    - Well, you do, and I'll go, I get directions, how to safely get home.
    Elsa was left alone. As soon as the commander and his companion left, she checked her neck from the dead and found a tattoo, just at the spot where the needle was stuck in a blast and out of his rays. This symbol was familiar to her, several times came across reports with this symbol. It was a sign of elite killers Primus. - The commander and I have a good and at the same time, the bad news - on the radio said Elsa.
    - Well, what did you find? - Stepping into the cockpit, said Lancelot.
    - For you hunt an elite mercenary from the ranks of Primus, it looks like you're really pissed someone that they have resorted to extreme measures - Elsa said, showing a tattoo on the neck of the corpse.
    Lance began to recall the events of recent years, and then he remembered one officer who briefly admired his ship, especially impenetrable shield technology. But the meeting was so short that Lance did not have time to ask his name, but remembered icon hanging on his chest, which meant black bill and a wrench. Back on the bridge, Lancelot began to search in the archives of all the characters like this. After an hour of searching he found the symbol, and it belonged to the guild of merchants of the black market. The commander sighed and leaned back in his chair. - What are these symbols? - Asked Elsa.
    - This symbolism is a big problem - sadly said Lance - a guild of the black market and it looks like they are stealing technology from the captured ships for the purpose of resale. It seems, will have to find intermediaries and through them to go to the merchants, and through them have to go to the customer. Just a year ago, where I attended the black market, and there is one type of interest in my ship. Suddenly, on-board computer started beeping loudly on the approximation of the huge ship and the possible danger.
    Lance shouted Elsa sent to your ship as quickly as possible and prepare for the retreat. She immediately went to his ship, and Lancelot, meanwhile, began at a furious pace to click toggle the engine on and go to warp. He learned this giant, and fight with them to get involved did not make sense to include radio, Lance commanded his partner immediately following play mode and switch to warp. Then activate the boosters and the giant began to fade out of sight, I thought frantically confused and the commander could not understand why the enemy has not attacked them. Plot a course to the nearest planet, where the troops were able to confront the giant, Lancelot started thinking about a way forward. A visit to the house was adjourned for an indefinite period, it was necessary to deal with the problems, not to expose his family in danger.
    *He walked over to the translator and sent his wife a message about the arrival delay and asked not to worry about it.
    A few hours later boosters disconnected and both ships flew in space close to the final destination. Ahead loomed the planet whose surface was covered with a giant armored plates, and flew around her defenses with huge guns.
    *Lancelot requested landing and suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of them a giant, from which they fled. Lance included thrusters and fly like a ship to be faster under the protection of the planetary forces, but his ship and Elsa start to pull the ship opponent.
    - What is going on - in the radio sounded cold voice of Elsa.
    - They are trying to take us alive - said the commander concerned.
    - Now I will ask him - suddenly said Frost and deployed to meet the giant ship - you see the two spiers on the bow of the ship?
    - Yes, I see something like that.
    - After my team open fire.
    Elsa has activated its ice cannons and took two shots, ice rays left a white trail and spiers covered with ice.
    - Fire!!! - Frost screamed.
    *Lance made two shots, and the spiers of shattered suddenly giant opened fire and began to explode all around shells and draws void bright rays.
    - Come with me until he started to conduct aimed fire - retorted the commander of the ship and pulled around the enemy, Elsa flew after him. They dodge shells and beams circled the giant, they headed to the planet and asked for support. Defense System razvenula all the guns in the direction of the enemy and opened fire. Lance Elsa rushed to the planet, swept missiles and bombs past them. All the shots fall into the enemy's shield and do not cause any harm giant. The enemy began to shoot and destroy the gun a dozen platforms. Here on the radio and Lance Elsa ordered to hurry up and they saw that several gun platforms began to be reconstructed and joined together into one huge. In a huge gun barrel appeared the fire, suddenly there was a flash of bright light, and fire a beam in a fraction of a second hit enemy ships, the shield is a few seconds holding back shot, and I ask him, leaving a huge gaping hole, because of which occurred depressurization, and the ship literally torn inside.
    - You can exhale - Lance wearily muttered into the radio.
    Overall flying ship wrecks and corpses, awful kind, the ship's crew. They flew accompanying the patrol, and they headed to the planet ...
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