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    Cool Lancelot story part

    After fierce fighting for a small, but strategically important, Nhtd023 planet, Lancelot thought to rest on military affairs and visit his family. It takes a lot of time, but he did not care as a meeting with loved ones.
    After a short briefing about the next mission, Sokolov officer approached him. After talking about his salvation, in gratitude to the officer gave Lancelot yellow dogs brought from the planet of the apostles, a gift explaining that in an endless and gloomy space needed one and it does not matter who it is.
    Saying goodbye to Sokolov, Lancelot went to his ship, but in the company of his new companion.
    - Well, Shield, it's time we put forward. I introduce you to my family.
    Making undock from Battlestar Empire, including the transition mode boosters and disappeared into the dark depths of the cosmos ...
    Lancelot was sitting in the chair of his ship and peered into the dashboard, which showed the approach of an unknown ship. Looking out the window he saw the impressive size of the vessel with the emblem of Space Patrol. Suddenly a voice came over the speakers, demanding docking and ship inspection for the presence of prohibited items and artifacts.
    Lancelot easily met the requirements, and went into the cargo hold, to meet the uninvited guests, it was very interesting to see who dared to hold his ship, and the Shield anxiously running around its new owner.
    Waiting for docking with an unknown ship, Lancelot pressed the button and opening the gateway to the doorway there were two thin, but the stocky figure. One of the guests was very familiar, but the commander did not remember where he met. Shield warily looked at them and growled softly.
    - Well, hello - said one of the arrivals
    - Who do I have the honor to communicate? - Lancelot said, skipping the greeting.
    - Oh, the Honourable Lancelot, you have not learned? - With astonishment one of them said.
    - I do not remember all he met, but I vaguely remember you - the commander said quietly.
    - Let me introduce myself, my name is Johnny, and this is my friend Josť.
    Suddenly Lancelot briefly recalled roundup, which read a week ago about the defectors hijacked ship Imperial patrol.
    - Well, Johnny, a long time since I have not seen you as you has come to this life? We were friends, but then you disappeared somewhere. What we have not seen in 20 years?
    - It would be the time we would have definitely talked Lance, but alas, we hurry, show me where you got electric batteries? - They do not quickly get a gun and sent them to the commander of the ship and the dog.
    - It's all? Anything you can tell me, John? After all we've been through together? - Coolly replied Lance and prepared to leap, Shield also prepared for an attack.
    - Only inappropriately sentimental Lance, we were friends, but alas, times are different now, now every man for himself - said Johnny, reloading the gun and make a shot at the Lancelot.
    *The commander suddenly slapped himself on the chest, activating the mechanism for release of adrenaline into the blood. Then, in two bounds reached the opponents while dodging shots, he grabbed Johnny gun, hit an elbow to the chin, then quickly turned to Josť, but it has already attacked Shield, clutching the hand with a gun. Quickly running up to him, Lance punched him in the stomach and made a hook from the right. The enemy fell floor. Shield sat down happily wagging his tail. After crushing blow Johnny fell on the stairs and gasped:
    - And you're still as nimble as ever - and then passed out.
    After the incident, Lancelot locked both in the cabin, and he called the nearest patrol. Handing the perpetrators to justice, the commander sighed with relief and went to the bridge. He waited until the ships were out of sight, Lancelot patted on the shoulder and the dog turned on the compiler messages.
    - Frost Shield is, need a little service.
    Lancelot long stay on the bridge and looked at the starry distance ...
    ************Lancelot sat for a long time and thought about those words that said Johnny.
    - Is that bad? - Commander of all he could not recover from the unexpected meeting with an old friend.
    Shield sat beside him and looked at his master's faithful violet eyes.
    - What do you think, my friend? - Lance said quietly, looking questioningly at the dog.
    The commander decided yet will come an answer from a mysterious friend to visit the nearest planet.
    As it turned out it was a sparsely populated industrial planet.
    After landing in the only spaceport, Lancelot gave the ship a service, and the shield went to a nearby diner to find out the latest news on the war against the Empire apostles dark will.
    Walking through the narrow streets of the industrial zone here and there flashed mechanics and robots.
    Suddenly Shield jumped on the host and threw him on his back. After a split second at the spot where stood the commander, he dropped a large metal container with garbage. Lancelot jumped sharply, scanning the rooftops, and suddenly saw a shadow, flashed a couple of buildings, escaping into the city center.
    - What is not right is going on - he thought. Shield for a long time staring into the distance, and with the hope of looking at Lance, ready to persecution.
    - Not now my friend - the commander said quietly - we will meet more.
    Going into the noisy bar, Lancelot went to the bartender and asked to pour himself a fresh juice and make a steak for the Shield.
    - I see you are concerned about what the - the bartender said.
    - Yes, that day is not specified - he replied.
    - And your face is very familiar to me, you are a valiant officer Lancelot, it is an honor for me - the bartender was a little shocked when he saw Lance live.
    - I am very pleased Barry.
    - Oh ... Uh ... How do you ...
    - You have written on the badge.
    - Yes, for sure, but if you Lancelot, I have for you is, not very good news - quietly muttered the bartender.
    - Come out with it - slowly sipping juice Lance said.
    - I have a connection among the mercenaries, and there is information that in your head is assigned a very decent reward.
    - Hmm, and whom I had so annoy?
    - I do not know, but you're not the only one on this list. I periodically get this kind of offer, because he was a mercenary and cleaned of corrupt officials.
    - Thanks for the warning - the commander said and then uttered a sharp whistle and a bartender's head flashed a shell much like a large needle. Lance sharply hid behind the bar and heard a few of the sounds, which fell after a few more visitors. Shield lay nearby, ready to host the team. Lancelot rolled sharply from behind the counter to the door. Running out of the bar included servos in the shoes and ran to the spaceport for his ship. Past, threatening whistling, flying needles, Lance caught a glimpse of a slim figure on the roof of the opposite building, wrapped in a cloak and holding a rifle with a semblance of a very long barrel. Without hesitation Lancelot drew his gun and began to shoot on the move. Soon boot mechanism began to work full time and the commander raced along the narrow street leading to the spaceport. From the narrow streets, a mercenary could not properly aim and jump from rooftop to rooftop with surprising agility.
    Finally, he saw his ship, Lance pulled him, but looking back on the roofs of the houses did not see the pursuer. Then he ran into the ship, and sat in a chair and began to quickly press the toggle switching equipment. Suddenly he heard a soft creak and turning saw the barrel aimed at his chest.
    - Yeah, you very faster for an old man - a hissing voice from under the mask said cloaked figure.
    - I try to keep myself in shape - said Lancelot.
    - You're angry very influential person and for that he wants you dead.
    - What did I do?
    - Do you remember those two? These were people hired to capture your ship.
    - But why would someone my ship?
    - This is, alas, I do not know, I do not press the details, when I was hired, I just execute the task - there is an instrument issued quiet monotonous hum and the enemy was ready to fire. Suddenly Lance saw the back of the assailant attacked faithful dog. He grabbed him behind the neck and the gun jerked up having made a shot. The needle hit the solid hull of a ship, making a scratch. The commander grabbed the rifle barrel and abruptly pulled over and doing a knee into the attacker's chest. He fell to his knees with a strangled groan and fell to the floor, gasping for air. Shield sat next to a mercenary and cheerfully wagging his tail looked at Lance.
    Thank you friend - proudly said Lancelot, staring at the dog - I do not doubt.
    By linking the killer, Lancelot sat in his chair, thinking occurred over these past few hours.
    - Do I even get home safely is not reached? - Lance murmured softly and suddenly heard a peep translator posts ...
    Approaching the compiler Lancelot message by pressing the button and taking messages heard a cold voice from the speakers:
    - Shield is Frost, need support ...
    Commander, swearing and began to drive the coordinates to the navigation system.
    - Well, Shield Another adventure awaits us.
    Started out in open space, Lance sighed and turned on the switch to warp. Leaving the snow-white trail in the sky over the planet, the ship accelerated and vanished from sight.
    Fly was not so far, the signal coming from neighboring galactic system in a few tens of thousands of light years. After some time the ship arrived at the scene and the porthole Lancelot saw bright flashes of explosions of shells and cut through the void of space ice beams.
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    nice story thank you dude
    =ERL=.s68 world 971 Android

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    Klaus u think?) later I write part 3
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    Very nice story

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    Very nice! I would talk to t4f to create a new sub-forum for writers! I believe there are a lot of talented writers who can share stories/poetries about GL!

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    Павел я общался с тапками и они сказали мол молодец, если понадобится история мы опубликуем на фб конкурс вот туда и напишешь
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