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Thread: Question About Speed Disadvantage vs. Other Player

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    Question Who gets to strike first?

    I have been Playing CCC in Level 80 to 89 and got to top 8.
    on every match I played I was always the second one to strike and my opponent first which gives them the upper hand on the start of the match.

    what detirmines which player can strike first?


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    The player with the highest fleet speed strikes first. (For equally speedy fleets it is determined by chance as far as I know.)

    The fleet speed constitutes from:
    - Basic speed of your commanders (level dependent)
    - Speed from technology (Engine)
    - Speed from equipment (Cores)
    - Speed from lieutennants (John, Violette)
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    Thanks Night owl,

    i am just playing for a few months, so kind of a half noob still, it does makes sense to me, just have to figure out how to apply this.

    is this fleet speed some how directly related to the power that is indicated in the right upper corner when fighting a battle in CCC?

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    can you explain a little better your question?
    I'm not site if I understood right, but during the fight the number we see close to the Flagship face is your total HP.

    Speed does count for total force, but not too much. The atk (including eatk) attribute is what gives you more force.
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    And Now
    Speed from gala r6)))

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    there few criteria which determine your fleet speed:

    1) Basic speed of the every ship (the higher your lvl the better speed and other basic attributes)
    2) Lieutenants may add additional speed to your ships or entire fleet
    3) New meteor galactonite - max 5 per fleet (the more and higher lvl you have - the higher your speed boost)
    4) Ship engine lvl (also known as HQ Core) - bazons doesnt increase speed, only amount of Hit Points (HP)
    5) Engineering Hub improvements

    6) probably soon we may see one more way to improve fleet speed by means of the new feature "Tactical Modules"

    chips dont add additional speed (as far as i know)
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    Question About Speed Disadvantage vs. Other Player

    Hi guys,
    I dont know if you have noticed but there is a serous speed bug and it took me few days to collect evidence and made a video as well. so for now I post just screens. Maybe I am missing something but I hope I am right ..

    1) I dont think this guy has a higher speed than I have. All tech levels are the same 100% same in Research center.
    Difference are only comanders, meteor type and level, Leutnants

    I have 1 rover so +100 with Violette+5
    I have better meteor type and level (see screens)

    He has just 2 rangers with John as Leutnant so that 2x10 = +20

    and still he has +50 points more in total speed, how possible? Tech levels are same..all maxed

    2) but what is even more serous is that the 1st turn in Arena varies.. last few days since update, he goes 1st when I challenge him for 1st time. Next challenge I have 1st turn... and with 3rd battle he goes again 1st?

    how ist that possible? I have movie, dont know how to post it.. but this is messed up and whole speed concept is corupted. t4f has lot of work to do here otherwise ...who needs meteors if this is randomized?
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    I think John give +10 to all commanders and not just Rangers? And also I think that lt buffs don't show in total speed so you can add 50 to him and 100 to you in buffs. Easy way for you to try is to once replace Elsa on Cabal with John and see if you get first shot?
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    Frankie, according to ss your speed is 50 less than the other guy.
    Normally he should fire first.
    Lt effect is not shown in overall fleet info

    As for you shooting first - sometimes the animation shown by the game engine is totally messed up and first shot is actually not shown, but the effects are in place

    Also, when there is a tie in terms of speed, i suppose the game engine pick up randomly the one to shoot first

    John as lt gives to all commanders a +10 speed boost.
    So you have initial -50 base speed difference +100 (Violette)= net +50
    The guy has net +50 from John passive lt skill.
    Basically both of you have exactly the same speed
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    Yes the difference is 50. Then Frankie get +100 from Violette and Andreil get +50 from John so speed is exactly the same and first shot is random.

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