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Thread: Question About Speed Disadvantage vs. Other Player

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    Guys but what about metors.. there is a big difference..he has lvl 6 dual.. I have lvl 7 single.
    As I remember single meteor has higher values per level as duals.. in addition I have lvl 7 he just 6..

    I am sure that animation is correct, I know about the annimation issues in Quasar.. therefore I made a video at slow speed and it is clearly seen who shoots first..

    we have also different commanders, with base speed difference..I have no idea if the base speed scales with agumentation or level of commanders.

    we have both same core level and reseach speed level maxed

    what else I am missing here... btw, what is the best way to upload video, it might be huge file
    Thank you for your advice..
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