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Thread: Honor of the Strong (Wormhole) - 2016-06-29 (3 days)

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    Honor of the Strong (Wormhole) - 2016-06-29 (3 days)

    Honor of the Strong (Wormhole) - 2016-06-29 (3 days)

    • Bring your best fleet in
    • Watch out for Maggie, take her out first if possible

    Wave 03 - 30x Galactonite chips
    Wave 06 - 5x Power amplifiers, 5x Z-bosons
    Wave 09 - 10x Power amplifiers, 10x Z-bosons
    Wave 12 - 100K Tech points, 5x Trident band capacitor
    Wave 15 - 1x Class Chip Pack, 10x Trident band capacitor
    Wave 18 - 1x Destroyer chip, 15x Trident band capacitor
    Wave 21 - 1x Flagship chip, 30x Trident band capacitor
    Wave 25 - 2x Power Pandora Core, 2x Power Pandora Crystals

    Paid revive
    = 300 credits

    = 4000 credits

    Experience & Notes
    • The more augmented your commanders the easier it is.
    • Lost first shot in wave 12
    • In general, the accumulator of the opposing commanders do not start with 100% even at wave 15.
    • Opponents commanders have the correct icon
    • Maggie at wave 15 onwards made my commanders (even destroyers) do minimal damage (like -22)
    • Opponents starts to be slightly dodgy from wave 15 onwards for me. Not all just one or two.

    Final note
    • I would presume it would be an easy wormhole for fleets that are highly augmented to get those Pandora Power Cores and Pandora Power Crystals, & hard for less augmented fleets.
    • Stopped at wave 20 at 42% enemy status with 2 paid revives to clear wave 18

    Side note:
    • There is an ongoing consumption event which I totally forgot about until a pop up of receiving a TS-3 module chip came up on my 2nd revive. Nice but I don't think i will push more with paid revives
    • The Galaxy League buff seems to be active in this wormhole as my fleet force numbers were the same as what is reported outside the wormhole.

    Nopo's total augment level is 28 as reference force 280M
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