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Thread: Honor of the Strong (Wormhole) - 2016-06-29 (3 days)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kris View Post
    I managed to get to wave 21 with my strong fleet. I say strong cause it felt like a got a whooping and needed a few paid for extra tries was niceto get some ts3 chips though
    Nice, my guess it is the combination of Warden & Cryptor reducing damage from opponent with Incendos and Sirenne's special doing the damage
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    Yeah Incendos did the big damage and Crytor kept the commanders alive. Warden with Acc'tan didnt do anything as even with the extra defence they could 1 or 2 shot anything. Sirenne wasnt much help at all either.
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    My poor fleet managed to pass wave 16 with one revive and died on 17. Next day even with 2fresh revives I could not finish wave 17 (20%left) so I passed.
    It seems for the players who dont get special commander the life will be more difficult. I am trying to save some credits for next enhancement to my fleet, in a hope to advance in wormholes as well. day
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    İ can reach wave 14 without lost.. but 15 and 16 sucks..

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    I passed wave 18 and i collected enough destroyer chips to make my Bones to +5. Alfred is helping me a lot in those wormholes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donatello View Post
    I passed wave 18 and i collected enough destroyer chips to make my Bones to +5. Alfred is helping me a lot in those wormholes.
    Alfred is helpful indeed until the last waves where without Stratus/Vio/Bones help he will not do any damage.
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    estos worm hole nunca he logrado acabarlos
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    was in wave 18
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    im stop at wave 20. that hard fight
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