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Thread: Commander Focus #13: Armory

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    Armoray is a super good commander...whenever i face him i have problems...a must have commander
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    我也擁有奴役者伊薩,對於他的技能攻擊,我觀看多次連鎖攻擊狀態,似乎是L型攻擊,所以相對的對應陣型如果 正巧有類似這狀態時,發揮的效果才是最大效果,當然相對的如果對應得對方周遭無船艦時,那就是單發160% 技攻效果了!似乎最大效應點在1.4.7號位!無題.s433 繁7 Android

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    Armoray is a great offensive commander. Like most strikers however, they lack defensive capabilities making it hard to survive past the first 1-2 rounds. With the right fleet combination with Armoray and correct formation, Armoray can do some great damage. For example in this video below:

    Warden helps shield Armoray even more with SDEF boost. Since Armoray can die easily because lack of defensive capabilities, Krill +7 may allow Armoray to survive longer - and if triggered during the 2nd or 3rd round, Armoray's SATK would go off again.

    - High Crit rate/Attack/Offensive
    - Unique "chain" SATK usually allowing to hit 2-3 targets, very high initial SATK starting at 160% (even 140% is higher than most commanders)
    - High SDEF Tank front-line attacker possibility if equipped with max bozon equipment and gala. Attacking first may allow Armoray to take the initial damage from some of the opponents SATK from the first round.
    - Highly affordable, especially with the current chest event. Great for low-medium spenders.

    - Low defensive capabilities
    - Most likely will not see Armoray's SATK a second time in same match due to low block (needed for counter-attack)
    - Low survivability rate due to low Anti-Crit, like Lance's 10% Anti-Crit means that most of the time when a Crit-ATK goes off, Armoray will take a lot of damage

    Armoray will be a great commander for a while, if you currently have him. Stratus is good, but how many players will be getting him to +10/+15 anytime soon if you own him? By the time you do, a better Striker would have already came out to replace Stratus.

    With the right fleet combinations and good positioning, Armoray can be as devastating as any commander currently out there.
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    He's a great Commander with a waterfall like attack. The fact that he does so much damage makes him quite the foe. To deal with his special and make sure he only targets one ship I have found invisibility help! Watch out for this Titan like Commander.
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    Amoray is the most great striker as i have. I really love him. I cant wait to+7 on him.

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    Very good paired with a stalker , stalker front, and armor for them , detonate all . It helps the ability to hit the chain , as may, at any corrupt arrangement 3 of the ship at any angle of attack , which makes it a versatile leader. In addition to this very tenacious with his buff 40% protection if there thantos in the fleet , it becomes impenetrable.
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    Арморей это очень хороший ударный.
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    The winners of the event are:

    1. Vitamins.s56 World 701 iOS
    2. volente.s177 world1080 Android
    3. Moggex.s738 w696 Android

    Congrats to all and hope to see you and even more participants in the next event.
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    Hello, i have this Armoray his satks are great you can have horizontal or verticall satk or cross some times him is really a machine for kill with the right galas, his weak point is the def...
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