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Thread: Commander Focus #13: Armory

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    Commander Focus #13: Armory


    Hello, Commanders.

    This week we will discuss about Armory and we have news: reward for you guys! Check the end of this article for more details about the rules to get the reward.

    Armory is a very strong commander when we talk about attack power. His special has a modifier of 160% of the damage and this is very dangerous, but this is not all, if the enemies are close to each other the special can hit even 3 commanders in total. Each extra enemy will take less 10% damage, so the first one will receive 160%, the second 150% and the last one 140%.

    Although, even being a Striker with a huge attack power Armory has a secondary ability on his special that can buff him with extra 40% sdef. In battles between high level players this buff helps him to survive in the first round of battles, when normally the commander uses their special attacks.

    The greatest thing about Armoy is that it's really difficult to avoid his special to hit more than one target and as he has a high critical attack chance this is very dangerous to the enemies. If you are not using a X formation (like in the example below) there is always a high probability that Armory will cause you trouble.

    Example of X formation
    C x C
    x C x
    C x C

    Although nothing is perfect. Even with his sdef buff Armory lacks on defensive skills, so if the battle lasts longer and block, dodge and def attributes becomes even more important Armory becomes to be an easier target.

    As this week we have rewards for your analysis I'll not prolong myself, so I expect a lot of great comments like in Aquos event. Count on you guys!

    See you in the Galaxy!

    __________________________________________________ ________________________________________

    The top 3 best comments until 23 June 2016 at 2:00 UCT will be rewarded as the following:

    - 2,500 credits & 3 striker chips for the best comment;
    - 1,000 credits & 2 striker chips for the second best comment;
    - 500 credits & 1 striker chip for the third best comment.

    We will focus the evaluation of the comments on: the level of details, the originality and the analysis of the pro and cons about using Armory. You can also bring amazing videos showing how Armory can change completely the outcome of a battle.

    Each player can make maximum of 2 comments. Edits are allowed if they are done before the end of the event. If the same player comments more than twice only his first two comments will be evaluated.

    In the end of each comment put your Username, server, world and platform. Make sure you put your account details correctly, as they are necessary for you to receive your prize. A comment without those informations will not be considered.

    Good Luck for all!
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    Вот как найму - так будут истории)))
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    Since I got Armory and put him on +7 I have a very high success rate against players with higher force than me. One of the best luitenants for Armory is krill. Put Geoffrey in fleet and there is a good chance that an almost dead Armory becomes a full health Armory with a 2 milion hp shield and then he's a nightmare for the opponent. Put a good formation up with Armory on 9th spot and watch him go. He doesn't always Crit but with Roxy or Dor he almost gets to 100% Crit chance and he kills good.
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    Армян как я его ласково называю стал жемчужиной в моем флоте. Соперничать с ним в своем классе может разве что
    только Стратус. Достаточно рядом усадить криптора с джеффри и наклеить в лейтенанты криля тогда любому флоту придется не сладко
    у меня есть Джеффри отлично защищает его так как навешивает щит ну и криль +4 иногда да выручает
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    Очень хотелось бы приобрести данного командира, очень привлекает мощь его атак, отлично бы вписался в мой флот, в этой акции не повезло его взять, что же, буду копить кредиты на следующую.dimon.s759 World438(ios)

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    This is my first +7 ship and there have been no doubts it will be him. With his super high critical rate (I got 79% so far for him) he destroys enemies even under Geoffrey shield. He is trully a best striker and if we compare him with Stratus, I think that it's better to have a dead enemy than blocked and defenseless Killing is a strikers job and Armoray is doing it perfectly well.
    There is Pele-Bot as a lieutenant increasing his ATK skill by 3% and making him deadlier.

    His another skill adding himself 40% SDEF makes him a first line attacker and compete with Incendos on whose turn will be the first in my formation.
    Unfortunately that is his only defencing ability as his DEF is rather low, 5% dodge with even a 8-9 level dual R6 won't make you see him dance. Moreover, there is no block chance at all, so we would be lucky to see him shoot his SATK for the second time in a battle. His low 10% anti-crit chance makes him a tasty target for all damaging commanders.

    But after all, we love him not for his defense but for his special attack which hits 2-3 ships in 90% of cases as it is difficult to think of a perfect formation against Armoray.

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    I always really wanted to get this commander but already he is old. His skill was great and devastating. He could be used as an alternative to a destroyer, as he doesn't suffer from being blocked like destroyers. Its a shame because the replacement doesn't look anywhere near as good.

    But its the same for all commanders of the same era (Warden, Sirenne, Maybe Roxy, and eventually Incendos). If the commanders skill cant be upgraded with augmentations they are outdated! Armoray vs Stratus, Stratus wins....Warden vs Geoffrey, Geoffrey wins....

    Its only a matter of time before we have an augment improved ranger, rover, and destroyer. And take Geoffrey, his skill is far better then Katiya Storm as he applies an individual shield to each he is better then an SS commander!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kris View Post
    ...Its only a matter of time before we have an augment improved ranger...
    It's a bit off-topic but Ranger already exists: Dor.
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    Armorey, the name can tell about this commander more than we can expected.
    He is strong, can kill one time 3 enemy ships. Worth to buy and make him +7 at least. I would love to have Armorey in my fleet.
    His special attack can kill 3 enemy ships that is very good statistic. After special attack +40% S-DEF is important to hold more special attacks.

    I recommend this great fighter to all players who want to earn good strong atributies commander.

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    my armoray is at 7+ he is a beast love him
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