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Thread: Galaxy League bugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nachteule View Post
    It seems that the "... player is safe ..." situations are not so bad. I observed it 3-4 times and always after encountering this issue I had the points added to my standing. Sure this is a bug and should work different but other than those +0/+0 offers the supplies don't seem to be wasted.]
    To come back on topic...Nachteule, thanks for clearing this out, i checked it on 4 several occasions and it shows i'm not loosing supplies over a "safe player"
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    Quote Originally Posted by darre View Post
    I will only speak for what i know so there goes my 5 cent: I'm in an old world (993) and there are only 5 active players left, 4 of us buy a silver monthcard, so for my world that is 80% spenders and 20% none spenders, to me that seems a lot more than the 1% you are talking about
    Ok, so we have different server situation (but not so different in terms of activity...), maybe in the next future our servers will be merged...
    Back on topic, also for me the "safe player" thing seems giving the win points, even if I had to click on "battle" many times to see my score increased. BTW since today I didn't have any problems anymore, only the "+0, +0" shown up 3 times.

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    Yes +0/+0 and there is still the motivating matching in place with one player "...for players who thrive the challange..." and his big brother!


    I usually opt for the player on the right side as they have proven to be the easier targets:
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    Last night i collected grade rewards, then this morning, after 8 hours i logged in the game and went to collect...surprise, there are no rewards accumulated in 8 hours. I am Viscount grade and this is the second time that rewards are not accumulating for several hours.

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    same here lost 9 hours of accumulation after i woke and found nothing can be collected (this was before daily reset time as well).

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    Same for myself.....probably close to 15-18 hours of various grades not there to be collected.
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    First match : easy opponent 17 points GAME FREEZED
    Second match : easy opponent 10 points GAME FREEZED
    Third match : easy opponent 20 points GAME FREEZED
    Fourth match : hard opponent 4 points for defeat GAME STARTED

    I lost 9 supplies 47 points and gained 4 points

    Thanks TF4

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    Most of the bugs now are resolved.
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    No, they are not!!!

    Today i had the worst in terms of non-accumulating rewards. almost 14 hours worth of Marquis grade rewards lost!!!. I collected last time after reset, then went to sleep. After 6 hours, nothing!!! i fight a few battles, rewards start accumulating, i can't login for another 4 hours and when i come back....surprise: i collect 1800 techpoints and around 8000 cubits....that's all. And again, after this, another 3 hours of nothing....The idiots have made me lose almost 1mil worth of techpoints , and this just today, on Marquis grade...

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    And another bug: i have 6 supplies, i consume 3 and find a good opponent to beat. I attack, the screen goes black and stays black. Only way out of it is kill the app. When i come back, the battle was not fought, i have 4 supplies and the next search costs 1 supply...but i get 2 opponents way higher than me. And it costs me 2 supplies instead of 1 to search again...So yeah, the bugs are back, and it's weekend...and btw, have anyone seen the compensation for long maintenance period? I got only the CCC compensation...

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