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Thread: Geoffrey vs. Dark Asgard

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    DA is good commander because he is free
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    Geo is big bang for big bucks in short. He is too OP after +7...

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    Geoffrey is the upgrade for Da. But hes is still expensive and Da is for free.
    Geoffrey will be my next ship. Im saving credits atm and lets hope for not a treasure chest event again

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    for me Geoffrey is Dark Asgard v2.0 Geoffrey is way better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loken.s558 View Post
    DA is good commander because he is free
    That doesn't make him a good commander, it makes him a usable one
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    Good for me. Need credits for better commander... So... Beter than nothing..

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    sin dudua geoffrey es mejor incluso que katya storm
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    DA isn't worth much anymore, and so is Lance. Lance will now be given for quarks I think.

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    I am using DA for 8+ months and I dont regret it. I use more defensive type of tactics where blocking and dodging is the main thing. DA is outdated, with stronger oponents you have basicaly no chance and DA is one-shotet. I have seen the comment Geofrey is DA2.0. Yes it is...G is very good but as we know Tap, there is always option to nerf him once more people get him, and releasing new one.. so the money traint wont stop
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