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    Nuclear R4

    Hey guys , i don't care that this is not a bug or maybe it is , but today I used over 80 nuclear r4s and didn't get a single divine shield.Why?! I got 10 of every other type , but not a divine shield.I don't know , but those are the only ones i need and i am not getting any , increase the chance of getting them or something , but it's really infuriating.

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    Apparently nukes never convert to divine shield. You have to pay during advanced galactonite event. 300 credits each tap and hope for luck. Usually divine shield is up on the third and last day of the event.

    I have been playing this game for 1 year 3 months and never got divine shield from nukes.
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    Same results here. Not a single divine shiled from nukes abut few (3 so far) from advanced galactonite lab during dedicated events
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    I never saw a nuke become divine shield, in galactonite event i received 1x R6 and 7x R5 divine shield
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