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Thread: Commander Focus #11: Aquos

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    i have battled against one person and watched one player in my server who owns aquos, unfortunatley i am unable to afford him, his ability for one defineteley stands out as he could copy any of the opponents abilities which can potentially turn battles to your advantage, he also has strong atteibutes to follow, not only is aquos deadly on his own but with a steong leutenant ssuch as zafferey he can make most players strongly think about reforming there formation because of aquos

    another strong point to support aquos is that he wont be old he cant really as his ability can copy most with some luck at times, however the con could be in the next dew commanders in which tap releases they could outweigh aquos attributes which is another factoe to take into consideration, as the last event for aquos he was around 150 credits a click, at that time i was going to invest but had to invest in incendos as i did not have a strong destroyer, but lastly another con would be if aquos dodge does not help him ot he was to get destroyed before using the ability then you can lose battles because of this.

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    Good commander. Being able to copy one's skill. High critical and anti critical has made this commander strong and worth the credits.

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    I don't have this commander) but if tap4fun gift him to me then I right best comment what ever see))

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    I do not have him but as we can not plan deeply ahead with his special (if he takes on a multi hitters ability) and having placement issues

    I would go off his initial special, his monomer place him where you would have a monomer , expect his base special and be suprised when he takes on someone great like a dark or SS.

    Plus he dodges more than most others, sometimes have a hard time hitting him.

    I am also a firm believer Rovers do pretty well with some worked Dodge Gala, definitely a must have if youre able to put the time in to make him a monster.


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    Sometime game are so sexy (Aquas VS Katiya Storm)

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    Like i Said in official website FB GL, i run Aquos for almost a year. He is at +7. Never failed me to copy anything in his sight. From all the SS commander to normal commander that I've met in pandora or chaos. Even primus satk, Katiyya Storm Storm Guardian, Tyke Nano Repair,Kerom Blood Bath, Moracle Spatial Barrier and many more where the photoshot i have deleted. The stats of Aquos is not bad and still a major force against those highly powerful player as he can copy whatever he see at sight. Formation is the key and positioning him in certain slot will almost guarantee the copy skill. Here is the stats:
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    I have two reasons to get aquos still I am not having but will get him asap
    1. He is so good with his skills and he will boost mine fllets power.
    2. If aquos in on top fire position then you have ability to beat any fleet with his special skills.

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    At once I saw epic battle Aquos vs. Katiya Storm. It's will be long battle) and Aquos is win))

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    its a very good commander. my next target. already have 1 dna hope i get the next one really cheap. after spending 25k to get syrenne want to take also aquos. every guy i meet in chaos ir arena with aquos proof to be a really challenging opponent. broasca s138 w1041

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    It was a tough battle... On the field were only my Aquas and the enemy fighter. His mistake was his death... Aquas copied his super attack and dealt a crushing blow. This is not the first battle is won thanks to him.
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