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Thread: Commander Focus #11: Aquos

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    Commander Focus #11: Aquos

    Hello, Commanders.

    This week we will discuss about Aquos, The Prophet, and we have news: reward for you guys! Check the end of this article for more details about the rules to get the reward.

    Aquos was the first Elemental Commander released and came with a very interesting ability: the chance to copy an enemy commander's special.

    If you take a look at Aquos himself not considering his special you will find a commander with very good attributes, as: 30% anticritical, 20% dodge and 30% critical. These attributes alone are enough to make a commander to be feared. Although, obviously, Aquos' true potential is to give you the possibility of having any commander of the game, including the feared SS commanders.

    I remember some fights in TOP 32 that Aquos was decisive, as when Amedo's Aquos copied Skverl's Dark Shamen Queen and after his Katyia's shield; it was epic!

    The problem with Aquos special is that it's difficult to plan deeply the battle, as you don't know which ability he will copy, but keep in mind that this problem is also valid for your enemy, as he will not be sure about how to defend against him.

    What I most read from people that uses Aquos is that the game is funnier with him, as all the battles are different and the can "have" all the new commanders Tap4Fun releases.

    He is also great for Infinity Cosmos, as we know that lately there is a Destroyer that can kill all of our commanders and if Aquos copies his ability you can have a sweet revenge.

    Well, this week we are talking about a very unpredictable commanders, so, most than ever, we need your feedback to discuss more about this incredible commander. Do you own Aquos? Did you win or lose a remarkable match because of him? If you don't have him, plan to buy him? When do you think it's best to use him? Bring your great feedback!

    See you in the Galaxy!

    __________________________________________________ ________________________________________

    The top 3 best comments until 01 June 2016 at 2:00 UCT will be rewarded as the following:

    - 3k credits for the best comment;
    - 1.5k credits for the second best comment;
    - 500 credits for the third best comment.

    We will focus the evaluation of the comments on: the level of details, the originality and the analysis of the pro and cons about using Aquos. You can also bring amazing videos showing how Aquos can change completely the outcome of a battle.

    Each player can make maximum of 2 comments. Edits are allowed if they are done before the end of the event. If the same player comments more than twice only his first two comments will be evaluated.

    In the end of each comment put your Username, server, world and platform. Make sure you put your account details correctly, as they are necessary for you to receive your prize.

    Good Luck for all!
    __________________________________________________ ________________________________________
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    Aquos is a good commander for the price. Last bar event Aquos was 18.7K per DNA, so a little over 37K for Aquos. Cheaper if you lucky.

    With Aquo's 30/30 Crit rate & Anti-Crit, these are one of the most desirable stats on a commander. Aquo's 10% block rate also gives him a chance to get off the SATK more often if a counter-attack is triggered, so more chances for a more "good" Skill to trigger.

    Usually, if the other team is down to 1-2 commanders - you pretty much know what skill Aquos is copying. With Aquo's high crit rate and decent dodge rate, he could turn the tables around with some lucky critical hits/dodges as well. Aquos does good damage, even without the SATK.

    The only drawback that I can see from Aquos is during the first round, where you can't tell which skill Aquos will copy. Pairing Lt Zaffery with Aquos would provide more survivability for him as well.

    Aquos is an all-around Rover and probably still one of the top Rover ships at a moderate price.

    Example of game changing Aquos + Lt Zaffery:

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    I can see 2 reasons for getting Aquos :

    1- His special skill will never be outdated
    With the constant arrival of new commanders, his special will always be up to date.
    He also has pretty good base stats, thus his longevity shall be one of the best compared to other normal commanders.

    2- If your facing opponents that spend more than you do on new commanders.
    Aquos copying your opponent skill, you will also have a chance to benefit you opponent investment.
    If you are able to compete with them through time investment in game (with higher levels, bosons and tech points), Aquos can give you the edge you need against better commanders.

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    Hello all.
    I see 2 reasons for getting Aquos but when more cheaper:

    1- His special skill is very good and never could be old, only need luck and aquos stay alive in combat for use it.

    2- is rover, with high speed and good atributes. can use good litenants in it (zaffrey for examples, violet increase his speed).

    bad things:
    1- if is destroy before use skill you can not use all potential.

    2- bad luck, copy some skill not very interesting.

    King Regards.

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    I never own a Aquos yet. Am I interested to get him? The answer is yes, but only when he is cheaper. I know he's pretty good not only in pvp but also in other areas like infinite cosmos wormhole because of his copy ability (imagined if he copy that goddamn Dingos!!!!). And in pvp as many people said he never get outdated. Why? Because he can copy any commanders abilities including the SS commanders!! Imagined if he copy the Katiya Storm shield ability, imagined he copy Celeste monstrous hitrate and critical to apply to all your allies. Oh god how good that will be!! You don't even need to spend a dozen to get these SS commanders but get Aquos to copy them to get a taste power of these super elite commanders!! And he may play very important role in pvp battle as well, like i said if you lucky enough to copy your opponent abilities, you may even turn the thing around in the battle!! Your opponent have a good commander you don't have? Just use the Aquos to counter them!! Let your opponent advantage to become their own disadvantages!!

    Then why did I will not own him soon enough? The answer is simple. He just too unpredictable. As he was too random in choosing which commander to copy, it was too hard to do the strategized the battle. Relying on him just like the lottery, that you have to pray that he copy the abilities you want.

    In conclusion he is a really good commander to have. And I will like to have him only when he is more cheaper. As I plan to get other commanders first before him.

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    As the game evolved, now rarely do we see commanders at +0 having any use no matter how powerful their skills might be. That being said a better way to analyse commanders is at higher upgrade levels, around +6 or +7 being a target most players aim for (with Pandora Power Crystals still being rare and too expensive for most players to use).

    So let's start with the stats Aquos has at these upgrade levels:

    Aquos +6 stats without any TS modules or galactonites equipped:

    Aquos growth from +6 to +7:

    The first thing that can be observed is that the greatest points for Aquos are critical chance and dodge chance. Those two attributes have the highest growth.
    The problematic attributes for Aquos are Critical Damage and Penetration. Since those skills don't grow at all. Especially now with Goeffrey arround penetration is a big issue for most rovers.
    The first conclusion that is taken from this is that Aquos requires a very good dual-R6 Critical Damage stone and a very good dual-R6 penetration galactonite in order to function at maximum capacity.

    Defensive wise he is lower than Sirenne and Roxy in all aspects but Dodge: DEF, S-DEF and Anti-Crit. While the offensive capabilities are on pair for normal attacks.

    So the question is, is Aquos still a good commander? The answer is: depending on the task at hand.

    So what would Aquos be recommended for?
    1) Defensive formation in Arena when needing to defend a spot from an equally powerful or slightly more powerful adversary:
    - this might seem a paradox since it's defensive stats are lower than the alternatives, but it's actually not so. The most important issue in taking a spot in arena is planning, and what Aquos shines best at is counter-plans. The chaotic nature of his S-Atk makes planning against Aquos very difficult, thus this is a big advantage for the defender.

    2) Wormhole events, especially those with the new Dingo s-atk hitting all ships:
    - the dodge Aquos has makes it more likely to dodge an S-atk from the Dingo look alike ship that usually kills all the fleet.
    - another plus in wormhole events like that is copying those overpowered s-atk. This usually leads in weakening all the opposing fleet and a much easier path to victory.
    - the one disadvantage that players have to pay attention though is if Aquos is paired with Geoffrey and in the enemy fleet composition contains a Dark Asgaard like ship. The shields would overwrite each other, so make sure Aquos fires before Geoffrey to minimise that chance.

    3) CCC top 32 when facing a much more powerful adversary:
    - usually in top32 CCC event, Dark Commanders or SS Commanders are the key to victory. Although Aquos attack power doesn't come anywhere near of what Cosmos Commanders have, in case your opponent has certain buffs that would tip the scale of the battle, it's recommended to take a chance and use Aquos.

    4) Pandora when very few adversaries are of equal power to the player:
    - when one meets a more powerful adversary, one is on a similar situation to the top32 case presented above.
    - when one meets a much weaker adversary ... it simple doesn't matter.

    Are there any situation where Aquos wouldn't be recommended? Of course there are, and the most obvious one is:
    1) In arena offensive formation:
    - as opposed to the defensive formation, when one is in offensive formation in arena, careful strategic planning is the key to victory. Aquos doesn't allow for that so it's not recommended to use him unless the opponent is so much more powerful that only a lucky copy from him could make for a victory.

    2) Chaos Quasar:
    - the careful strategic planning nature of CQ event makes using Aquos in there a masochistic task. It's best to not use him at all in the CQ.

    3) Pandora when facing equally powerful enemies.
    - The key to defeating equally powerful adversaries is resistance. Aquos doesn't have that much of a resistance and pairs badly with the best commander available for Pandora: Geoffrey. Because of the diverse nature of the enemy fleets encountered, it's better not to risk copying an enemy Dark Asgaard shield.

    It might not be an universal solution to all problems, though few commanders are, but it's a rather good solution when a little bit of gamble is required to achieve victory.
    That being said although it is a rather old commander, Aquos still has it's uses today and it is one of the commanders that it would be recommended to have in order to use when it's needed.

    Best wishes and I hope you all enjoyed reading this little analysis!

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    my big secret commander i love him u little a**saver =ER=.s68 world 971 android
    my aquos is lvl 100 5+
    =ERL=.s68 world 971 Android

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    Muy buen comandante las tima que no lo tengo en mi flota siempre que me enfrento a l pierdo la batalla por sus abilidades de copiar
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    Аквас первый ком которого прокачал на +7 он уникален. Но его потенциал. Только на сотых лвл и хорошей прокачки. Тогда он просто не заменим. Его быстрота и уворот на своем сервере позволяли ставить впереди. Где он и сдерживал атаки и "воровал" навыки. Часто делая по два кома. Таких как инсендос или бром, может и щит подхватить. Не раз в одного. Вытягивал и на панде. У кого нет. Стоит присмотрется, уж точно пылится в гараже не станет) и какого бы кома не ввели в игру, будь он у противника. Все шансы Аквас уравняет
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    Aquos is like a mirror, who's attack gets stronger against strong enemy. Just like, Incendos. 🔰

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