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Thread: Cost of Armoray in the new chest event?

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    Hey guys! Is it only me, or anyone else gets their first DNA chip fast and cheap and then, gets the 2nd DNA chip ONLY on 17th or 18th box in the Treasure ? I have 2 accounts and my both account got their first Armouray DNA from the first 6 boxes 3-4 months ago. Since then, i open 12-14 boxes each time and not a fucking chip

    I am starting to think that T4F made their Treasure system to check whenever the player already has 1 DNA chip and if he does, the system puts the 2nd DNA chip in the very last 18th box no matter in what order you open them. I know a guy who got his 2nd chip on 18th box on his both accounts last month, so i am starting to think that T4F simply scams us all. Why they dont put the faking chips in the store for a fixed price and quit the bullshit with the "game of luck" events...
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