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Thread: Strikers Wormhole

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    Strikers Wormhole

    Hi to all commanders,

    Again we faced over srtikers wormhole! And again as in the first appearance I can´t passed it. Go inside with Daleks +7, Queen Emma +5, Volkov +5 and Omega +2 with 325M strength. Progress till 12 wave, used near 15 revivals to pass 12th wave. Wave 13 looks like unbeatable for me. Starting wave 11 only simple ATK does some damage, C-ATKs does some damage only by Daleks. Any other mixed and non-striker combinations with Roxy, destroyers and so on looks less effective. Destroyers also do null damage at wave 13 means high C-DEF and E-DEF in enemies. I have neither Aethos nor Armorey, may be they can be more effective. So share your experiance in fighting this wormhole.

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    I did not even pass wave 10 with Volkof+5, Thaddaeus+5, Pelebot+4, A-Sylver+2, FS+6, all gear fully levelled and bozoned, a lot of good stones and a TS-32 Module (Striker). Incendos+7 did only micro damage with special attack, so I suppose tap has put extreme high E-DEF to prevent us from using Destroyers.

    S-DEF must be high, too, and after Warden shots his special my special attacks just reloaded the accus of the opposing fleet.

    Like the current Rover Space I think it's design is completely outside the reality of normal players. Luckily the rewards are no must-haves - so I recommend not to pay Credits for revives.
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    Not sure if it will help.

    But there's the first 9 waves' formation and position.

    Tough. Once Warden puts his special up, it is minimal damage, and well impossible. My loss report at wave 10 was the opponent with 99% after 1 turn. I then gave up.

    It really pays to bring in all 4 strikers just to have a chance. As you can see I switch in the 4th striker just to help pass wave 9 (wave 10 formation). Indeed destroyers make minimal damage.

    Wave 1

    Wave 3

    Wave 4

    Wave 5

    Wave 6

    Wave 7

    Wave 8

    Wave 9

    Wave 10
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    Do you think it's better 3 strikers + Geoffrey +7 or 4 strikers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qix View Post
    Do you think it's better 3 strikers + Geoffrey +7 or 4 strikers?
    I answer my self: with 4 strikers you make much more damage, so it's better

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    Even one substitution of striker to non-striker will lead to loss! It seems that even Roxy fails to do 1M damage to enemies (but have to do!)
    At wave 13 Geoffrey´s +7 shields are nothing!

    I think only CCC Top 32 players can pass all 15 waves
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