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Hello, Commanders.

This week we are going to discuss about Commander Mileena.

We normally don't see Mileena in the battlefield, but be sure that she is helping the most powerful players to archive the success in the battle. As main commander she has an interesting special, that gives herself a 20% bonus atk bonus, that is always helpful. Although, her greatness is when she is helping the FlagShip (FS). Some people says that she is only useful when FS has high augument level, but try to make the math with your FS to check how much gain he will have, considering she can give 15% for each main attibute, which is higher than a lvl 1 paintcoat. In my case I got her with FS at +3 and he had equivalent attributes as Vladimir, that back in time was one of the strongest commanders we could have.

Even considering her great benefit, Mileena is not a cheap commander to have. We can point some reasons as:
1 - To unlock all her augument benefits she needs to be +6;
2 - She is ranger and we have 3 great rangers to put on our formation: Retrobot, Cryptor and Alfred. Obviously we have other great rangers, but the 3 mentioned are the top at the moment;
3 - If you want to focus only in firepower Dingo is cheaper, as he needs to be only at +4 (although there is a long time that tap doesn't put him on sale).

Another point to consider is that she will take one of your Lieutnant positions and even level 100 players have only 5 spots. If we count the most important Lieutnant at the moment we will see it's difficult to choose among them:
1- Jackie is one of the most used Lieutnant as he can lock the enemy's Destroyer and give a great benefit in the first round if you fire first;
2 - Violette is very important because of the hit rate bonus and the speed bonus for your rovers;
3 - Kit can be decisive with a lot of people using Geoffrey;
4 - Acc'tan is a game breaker if you are using a protector;
5 - Krill is super effective and is a 100% sure presence in the most strong formations.

So with Mileena we will have 6 very useful Lieutnants, not even mentioning other great Lieutnants as Volkof, Flynn, Khala...

After exposing these points, do I recommend Mileena? Yes, I believe she is very helpful and can give your FS another life and turn him in a real problem for the enemy, but before you get her take a deep look in your context to be sure if she is really the best choice.

Hope you can give your feedback and share your experience with Mileena, as in this case there is a lot of things to take in consideration.

See you in the Galaxy.