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Thread: Full-Force Attack - Ranger Wormhole - 2016-05-20

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    Full-Force Attack - Ranger Wormhole - 2016-05-20

    Today's wormhole was easier - at least I made it pass wave 10 with only 2 paid revives.

    Again will loose first shot in wave 3.

    Opponents are, at least till wave 10, slightly dodgy, and slightly blockly (had quite a number of counters coming back at me).

    Since this is a Ranger wormhole - use 4 rangers for full bonus and use Elsa +4 as Lieutenant, when she activates invisibility for the entire fleet - it really helps you buy time to attack. Cryptor if you have also helps prevents the certain death for one action.

    Unfortunately other than the recognisable Dingo all other opponents have generic ship icon. Fortunately the Dingo here is mild and doesn't have the mass damage effect as the one in the Rover Wormhole

    All the best
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    I managed to get to wave 10 only using the free revives using Lance, Cabal, Emma, and Dingo with Elsa +4 Lt.
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    I passed all waves with Cabal (lt. Krill +7), Frost Jr. (lt. Flinn +3), Cryptor (lt Elsa +4), Lance (lt Violette).
    Used about 10 revivals to pass 14th and 15th waves. I usually concentrate fire on weakest enemies (Strikers and Desrtoyers) first. I use Frost as first commander to strike due to frozing and activation of Flinn as lt. for +20% ATK bonus. Lance survives 2-3 regular attacks.

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