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Thread: STA III-- Support Destroyer thread

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    I support the destroyer because:
    - Basic offense stat: decent EATK, SATK, can clear enemy line with only one special attack, you can see Incendos do it every day!
    - Other important stat: best in CRIT, CRITATK the yellow number appear in every battle.
    - Defense stat: some new destroyer have high dodge, anticrit (incendos) or block, anticrit (brombones), so it can survivor in hard battle, kill enemy ship one by one
    - Skill: cross attack! very little ship have cross attack. Only Opal, zaff, retrobot, brombone have. These rovers damage is to less and dont harm enemy, only retrobot is compareable but with 2 destroyers. I think destroyer wins. (I dont list cosmos commander here). And EATK ignore defense, so the DEF and SDEF is wasted even the protector with Acctan active can be a pieces of cake.
    - Lieutenant: Jackie is easy to upgrading +1 and very effective on Silence enemy Destroyer. (100% compare to 50% of Volfkof and 80% of Kit). Trickster+4 is more hard to got but very need on some sittuation, counter the invisible method of Rangers and Rovers
    - Main commanders: Murphy and Dudoria is very friendly with new player and easy to get, damage output of them is too high in early game. They appear is every formation of new players.
    Incendos and Brombrone: must have on level 100 player formation. Cross attack is very easy to hit and the nightmare for your enemies.
    Cosmos: Shaman Queen, Zoey and Kerom strong vertical (horizontal) attack with buff for all allies
    The destroyer always take the first shoot in battle, silence enemy destroyer, clear other ship in his sight. The one in no1 is the one shooting first.
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    Let talk about the Incendos:

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    - The stats: large EATK, SATK, 20% crit, 20% anticrit, 15% dodge, 25%pen, hit rate 100%. He is perfect version of Brombones (My idol in 2 last year). With stats He can skill most 5 enemy with only one shot! Only one ship can stop him, that is Jackie, other destroyer. Beside he can dodge the bullet like dancing, 20% anticrit + bonus from galactonite setup make him immune to critical. He can survival longer as protector or rovers.

    - The special attack: Cross attack - That mean he can skill most 5 enemy with only one shot! Perfect. But I cannot see yet a player place 5 ship in a row like that . Enemy has more accumulator the more damage they taken. Meaning the more strong enemy the more strong incendos!

    - The looking: Incendos have coolest looking with burning style

    You can see, every month, new commander arrived and replace old ship in your formation. But Incendos is un-replaceable.

    The destroyer is the most powerfull and Incendos is the King of them.
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    Definitely Destroyer class. Outside of the expensive dark commanders, destroyers have the ability to destroy entire fleets within 1 round of battle. Incendos, brom bones, trickster, lily... with jackie as a lt, not to mention krill+7 restoring full life. Plus, they are the most dominant in wormhole events!
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