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Thread: STA III-- Support Protector thread

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    STA III-- Support Protector thread

    Protector supporters, show us your opinions here to be our STA debaters!

    Event Proposition: Which class is the most powerful amongst all the classes?

    Event Time: UTC 5/5 02:00—9/5 02:00
    Event Location: New Official GL Forum —Repair Station
    Event administrator: GL official, Section Leaders, Galactic Chairmen

    1. In the course of the discussions, anyone who posts spam will be muted for 1 week and the spam will be deleted.
    2. In the debate posts, ambiguous posts of support will not be merited with points, and the post will be deleted.
    3. Debate content with any inappropriate or insulting language, or which contains any innuendos will cause the sender to be muted for a week. The post will be deleted and any points which the sender has qualified for will be deleted.

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    I like protectors,my favourite protector is Dark Asgard,he give 200k shield to every ship + you can get him for free in Chaos in 40 days...awesome commander

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    Protectors are my second choice. I love my +7 he gives 2mio shield to each of my ships what makes them more survivable.

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    I like protectors, my favourite Geoffrey. Additional shield are super cool. Лехан.s383/world372/android

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    I dont get in high defens -_- ★ MESSÏ ★. s553 and world.s523

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    Geoffrey protecteur devrait tous les tués. ..
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    I am support for Protector. Because:
    - With decent basic stats: high HP, DEF, SDEF, SHIELD, high core stats BLOCK, ANTICRIT. They can suvivor in the hard battle.
    About the Cosmos ship
    Moracle: highest speed in the game, BLK 28%, dodge 25%, anticrit 35% likely invincible, the nightmare for other class.
    Katiya Storm: block 40%, anti crit 40%!, the legendary ship and still remain a legendary.
    About normal ship:
    Dark Asgard: best protector in early game, 30% block and anticrit
    Thantos: precursor of Moracle, block 30% anticrit 30% still the highest stats in these type
    Geoffrey: the newest and coolest Protector: block 28%, dodge 25%, anticrit 30% awesome!
    - With unique skill: HP shield for all team (Dark Asgard, Geoffrey, Katiya Storm), barrier for all team (Thantos, Moracle, Warden)
    All these above will tell you: They are leader of the team, like their name The Protector. They are savior of all other ships. The barrier for all incoming attack.
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    ** We talking about skill **

    - 1. The HP Shield: Dark Halo and Agillity Shield.

    Player level 7x and 8x all pride and fear the Dark Halo. The shield provide 200k HP for all ship in allies team. Very hard to break. When you break it, the Dark Asgard is ready to release the new shield. Since every one can got DA in Chaos Quarsar, every one place it in first shoot. My friends said: ship go first is the leader, the best ship.

    When you reach level 100: DA is no longer appear in formations because 200k HP is not enough. But lucky, tap4fun release new beast, the Geoffrey: Perfect version of DA. So what is interested? Geoffrey provide Agillity Shield - the HP shield stronger as long with ship argument. Maximum is 2.5B HP. That is impressed! Now everyone has Geo, new King arrived.

    -2. The barrier: Stardust Shield, Spatial Barrier, Divine Protection.

    The shields provide damage reduction, increase block rate by percent. Meaning if you stronger the shield working more effective.
    Divine Protection: vertical attack and provide 30% SDEF, 30% Block. Incoming special attack likely a normal attack because reduce damage and block !
    You can see the Spatial Barrier in CCC, all fleet can survival long as twice. Jane and Vanquer very lucky have it. I can't say more because the cosmos is impossible to got it now.
    All this thing meaning, the protector is the prop for team. The true leader.

    3. Akhennaton tactics
    Beautiful tactics with Akhen go first. Releasing the Pharaoh Bless and Curse. Hide and protec all team on the back. He stay, confront enemy blocking, dodging those Incendos, retrobot, sirenne.. like a god. Laughing at those cross atk but only hit one ship, doing minimal damage.
    He is really like the boss, the true leader. Today with Cryptor and Krill as companion, he is immortal like the Pharaoh!

    4. Offense skill
    You think being a protector meaning only have defense ability and protector cannot make damage to enemy ship? You are totally wrong.
    With right equipment and galactonite Kit, Thantos, Warden and kill enemy with one hit. 180% s-atk is not the joke. 180% is the higest percent for special attack till now

    ** Lieutenant **

    I want to talking about Acctan, a ship with bizarre shapes but being a awesome companion.
    When a protector with Acctan as Lt, below 50% HP, the main ship will increase 20% DEF each rounds, stackable. So after about 4 or 5 round the Protector will have huge DEF and incoming attack with def only 22 HP! If enemy dont have a Destroyer, the protector will be undefeatable!
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    As my second Choice i go for Protector… yes protectors… from Akhenaton Patriotism - pharaoh Blessing/Curse – which put entire fleet in stealth mode and he take the damage of the “entire fleet” by himself (that’s Hero Stuff guys ) to Geoffrey’s multi Shield to entire fleet… I got to say I admire and respect the job of this this guys… as my 1st choice was Destroyer this speech it’s an assumption that “if there are no Destroyers in the game” … and I will start my defense of Protectors Class denying and Accepting this thoughts:
    Quote Originally Posted by Maxamusviper View Post
    It doesn't come down to which commander is the most powerful but which is the most durable.
    Retrobot has it all, he hits hard with high Crit ATK 165% with 15% critical and hits multiple opposition with his cross attack Frozen Expance that has a chance to freeze opponents 60% with a 50% chance to drain accumulator by 75 and it doesn't end there, you get an amazing 35% base dodge so with a flash gala installed it's like trying to fight a shadow. Also you can use Elsa +4 as a Lt and he can turn invisible. Hit, dodge and vanish all in one commander. ��
    I vote for Ranger class and vote for Retrobot as the best of the Ranger class.
    Maxamusviper.s167 World 1070 Android
    I agree with you when you say that this game it’s going in way where “durability” is the Big deal during the battles… but I disagree when they say “Rangers are the most durable ships”… nope that’s not true… Protectors are on top of the Durability Chain… by the nature of their class you can see that they are Gifted with high DEF stats (Anti Critic, , Block and Dodge) making the STRONG AGAINST PHYSICAL ATTACK , and they are the ONLY class in the game that have natural Shield (Note: not shield as a result of S ATK like Annica or Lance’s Shield of light) making them true 1.TANKERS (ships built to stand against any attack)
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    true 1.TANKERS (ships built to stand against any attack)

    2. Best Partnership in The game:
    As all other classes, Protectors also have Lieutenants which gives them special abilities (not chicken abilities like Rovers and Rangers in stealth mode ) that can change completely the course of the battle…. Ac’Tan is the name of the commander/Lieutenant that makes protectors UNBEATABLE, how? 1st he increases block rate of your side by 2%; and 2nd: at +4: when your main commander’s HP falls below 50% there is a 100% chance in each round of increasing the DEF of all protectors by 20% stackable, lasts till end of battle; as this condition happens, Nobody can beat a protector (of course as I said in the beginning of my explanation I am assuming that there are no destroyers in the game because they are my 1st choice) yeah you dig it right NOBODY, not even Retroboy (ups Retrobot ) Cryptor, Alfred, etc etc …. Because their damage will be -22, -24, -500… Don’t believe me? Well see for yourself in the video:

    This fight it’s “the” perfect Example of how protectors rule this game… well yeah Bamvel was using Geoffrey too but many would say that Geoffrey was helped by Cryptor Stasis State which makes him UNBEATALE. But what about Darknight WARDEN? Guys, just to remind you, I did not cut the video, the fight ended like that (Bamvel won) I assume the winning criteria was “maybe” number advantage 5 against 2 ? … don’t know…. But all SUPER RANGERS Retrobot, Cryptor, Alfred and the Mighty SS rover DARK ARTURIS where there and none of them could even scratch not even could beat Warden and Actan +4…. That’s the Best Partnership of the game.
    Many will argue that there is a high risk to make that combo happen because the protector needs to be 50% health. But remember “the higher the risk the higher you gain”, I think when Tap4Fun designed this ability they took in consideration that they were creating a lieutenant that could make all protectors even more special and Unbeatable, so to reach this state of Invincibility you need high risk of course… and since nowadays ONE SHOT ONE KILL is getting Rare (as the video shows, not even Cryptor could one shot Warden) this Partnership it’s the winning formula.

    famaXfalisa.s207 world 1110 Android
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