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Thread: STA III-- Support Destroyer thread

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    Destroyers can beat even those who have enormous HP and DEF
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    Destroyers very strong, need to have at least one in fleet. Good luck all commanders

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    I support destroyers.

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    My support go for Destroyers !!! Tough class to fight against,Incendos rules the Galaxy ! T4F should not release new destroyer! AerynSun.s111 World 1014 Android

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    I support destroyer as my second choice

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    I quote some comments of Protector Supporter

    Quote Originally Posted by hahoang View Post
    ** We talking about skill **

    - 1. The HP Shield: Dark Halo and Agillity Shield.

    Player level 7x and 8x all pride and fear the Dark Halo. The shield provide 200k HP for all ship in allies team. Very hard to break. When you break it, the Dark Asgard is ready to release the new shield. Since every one can got DA in Chaos Quarsar, every one place it in first shoot. My friends said: ship go first is the leader, the best ship.

    When you reach level 100: DA is no longer appear in formations because 200k HP is not enough. But lucky, tap4fun release new beast, the Geoffrey: Perfect version of DA. So what is interested? Geoffrey provide Agillity Shield - the HP shield stronger as long with ship argument. Maximum is 2.5B HP. That is impressed! Now everyone has Geo, new King arrived.
    HP shield can easy break because damage output at level 100 is very high. Cost for Geo+7 or more is too expensive. Most commander cannot affort it
    -2. The barrier: Stardust Shield, Spatial Barrier, Divine Protection.

    The shields provide damage reduction, increase block rate by percent. Meaning if you stronger the shield working more effective.
    Divine Protection: vertical attack and provide 30% SDEF, 30% Block. Incoming special attack likely a normal attack because reduce damage and block !
    You can see the Spatial Barrier in CCC, all fleet can survival long as twice. Jane and Vanquer very lucky have it. I can't say more because the cosmos is impossible to got it now.
    All this thing meaning, the protector is the prop for team. The true leader.
    Only 2 commander have Moracle so we dont need to list here. Warden is good but can be easy killed by a good destroyer.
    3. Akhennaton tactics
    Beautiful tactics with Akhen go first. Releasing the Pharaoh Bless and Curse. Hide and protec all team on the back. He stay, confront enemy blocking, dodging those Incendos, retrobot, sirenne.. like a god. Laughing at those cross atk but only hit one ship, doing minimal damage.
    He is really like the boss, the true leader. Today with Cryptor and Krill as companion, he is immortal like the Pharaoh!
    If you shoot second and enemy has Kit. This tactics is totally broken!
    4. Offense skill
    You think being a protector meaning only have defense ability and protector cannot make damage to enemy ship? You are totally wrong.
    With right equipment and galactonite Kit, Thantos, Warden and kill enemy with one hit. 180% s-atk is not the joke. 180% is the higest percent for special attack till now
    180% satk but base on poor ATK and STAK, low hit rate. Harmless!

    I want to talking about Acctan, a ship with bizarre shapes but being a awesome companion.
    When a protector with Acctan as Lt, below 50% HP, the main ship will increase 20% DEF each rounds, stackable. So after about 4 or 5 round the Protector will have huge DEF and incoming attack with def only 22 HP! If enemy dont have a Destroyer, the protector will be undefeatable!
    You are talking about Destroyer? Of course the destroyer can do it!
    *** From Galaxy Legend Viet Nam ***
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    мобильные ребята очень хороши. Те же Аквас, Аника убивают группу короблей с одного выстрела!
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    о да, Джефри крут. есть много роликов Джефри в работе! один легко отстаивает до конца против мощных парней!
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    of course, destroyer is the best, I support!

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    I support destroyer, because: EATK STAK is strong, specially Incendos, my favorite commander

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