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Thread: STA III-- Support Destroyer thread

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    STA III-- Support Destroyer thread

    Destroyer supporters, show us your opinions here to be our STA debaters!

    Event Proposition: Which class is the most powerful amongst all the classes?

    Event Time: UTC 5/5 02:00—9/5 02:00
    Event Location: New Official GL Forum —Repair Station
    Event administrator: GL official, Section Leaders, Galactic Chairmen

    1. In the course of the discussions, anyone who posts spam will be muted for 1 week and the spam will be deleted.
    2. In the debate posts, ambiguous posts of support will not be merited with points, and the post will be deleted.
    3. Debate content with any inappropriate or insulting language, or which contains any innuendos will cause the sender to be muted for a week. The post will be deleted and any points which the sender has qualified for will be deleted.

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    IMHO Destroyer is most powerful, it really gives you advantage over opponent because you can be sure that when it fire his satk opponent lose at least one ship and in most cases more than one. usually thats game winner.

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    I support destroyer class i like that force

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    Destroyers are the best class as they hit really hard....more dead less to defend against!!

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    I support destroyers as a my 1st choice. They bypass the direct defence atributes, thats is what makes them so deadly.
    These Cross S-attacks from Incendos and Bones made them a must have commanders. With 1st shot taking 2-3 ships, nice work!

    they have Achilles heal... If player is slower as the oponent, and opponent has Jackie+1, this spoils the party. Destroyers are very weak in Defence.
    There are few ways how to improve it
    - more dodgier, use gala so they are not hit and survive to next round ..
    - even if hit ..Use Izolda and make them invinsible (this can work in Worm Holes) to last 1 more round
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    Support them only because of ignore defence attack, even with low level you can beat powerfull opponent

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    Destroyer is the best class that feel. It can kill everthing and ignore all defence. And like protector will not able defend itself for Eattack. I choose it cause i got more easy to take all battle. Destroyer is the best


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    I support Destroyer. A 'at least' must have class in your fleet. Not only their attack power is so powerful but also it ignore opponent fleet defenses as well. You may even have chance to win a player that is higher level than you by using them. If you have strong destroyer like Incendos. Prepare to become a sweeping beast.

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    I often use two destroyers when I have to go through a strong defense of the enemy . Jekas. s816 world 495 ios

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    Destroyers because they are the most powerful def and block shooters, where all other classes only make 22 damage a destroyer crit them to death, rember one time destroyers where much mightier than now, tap nerved them but they come back mightier than bevore

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