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Thread: Sharp Tongue Arena III-- The Most Powerful Class

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    giftbox Sharp Tongue Arena III-- The Most Powerful Class

    A True warrior dares to face a dismal life with a face covered in blood.
    A True warrior fears neither clever nor skillful enemies, and instead fights against them.
    Commanders fight on the battlefield for the laurel of the strongest class.
    And we, we with our wisdom shall encourage them with our sharp tongues!
    The 3rd Sharp Tongue Arena is back!

    Event Proposition:
    Which class is the most powerful amongst all the classes?

    Event Time:
    UTC 5/5 02:00—9/5 02:00
    Event Location:
    New Official GL Forum —Repair Station
    Event administrator: GL official, Section Leaders, Galactic Chairmen


    1. GL Officials provide a topic, aside from the Administrators, players participate in the debate of your own accord.

    2. Officials will set up 6 category Threads in Repair Station:

    A. Event Announcement Thread

    B. Support Destroyer Thread.

    C. Support Protector Thread.

    D. Support Striker Thread.

    E. Support Ranger Thread.

    F. Support Rover Thread.

    3. How to participate: During the Event, any player who provides his or her opinion on the corresponding thread will be considered as having participated in the Event and will be counted in the score ranks.

    4. One player can only support at most 2 Classes. If anyone supports more than 2 Classes, all his or her points will be deleted. But if you really want to share your ideas and don't want to lose all your points, please start your words with DON'T COUNT THIS ONE, I JUST LOVE TO TALK

    5.How the Event is marked: All of the players who participate in the Event will get 1 basic Prestige Point. Debate content will be assessed by the Administrators, if the content is seen to be very objective then 1 extra Prestige Point will be added. The presentation of the arguments is very clear, must be full of reasoning, refute counter arguments, and this will get an extra 2 Prestige Points, at regular intervals (around a day at a time), the Administrators will announce the current scores.

    6. Rewards:The Class with the highest amount of points will be the Most Powerful Class
    that top 10 points participators will receive ST Medal*1 ( 300 Credits+ 100K Tech Points)

    Rank 1 Debater:
    Gold Trophy of the 3rd STA, 5000 Credits+ Class Chip*8
    Rank 2 Debater:
    Silver Trophy of the 3rd STA, 3000 Credits+ Class Chip*5
    Rank 3 Debater:
    Bronze Trophy of the 3rd STA, 1000 Credits+ Class Chip*3

    debaters with higest points, from the other classs with more than 5 supporters, will receive
    ST Excellent Debater Medal*1
    ( 1200 Credits+ Class Chip*2)

    1. In the course of the discussions, anyone who posts spam will be muted for 1 week and the spam will be deleted.
    2. In the debate posts, ambiguous posts of support will not be merited with points, and the post will be deleted.
    3. Debate content with any inappropriate or insulting language, or which contains any innuendos will cause the sender to be muted for a week. The post will be deleted and any points which the sender has qualified for will be deleted.

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    Не Помешали бы еще две категории:
    G - Все хороши
    H - Против всех.
    Would not prevent two other categories:
    G - All good
    H - Against all.
    The Legion Foundation Group Co-Admin
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    Star Lord [+7] (Elsa [+4]); Fearsome Devil [+7] (Jackie [+1]); Stratus [+7] (Paccar [+6]); Ursa [+8] (Krill [+7]); Flagship [+7] (Dingo [+4])

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    We begin with the assistance and help

    Darko s727 w685

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    Hello guys and girls i will like to announce first intermediate results of this STA III event:
    Destroyer class supporters
    Protector supporters
    Striker Supporters
    Ranger supporters
    Rover supporters
    Good luck to all you have time for increase your points till 09-05 02:00.
    Best Regards,

    General Discussion Section Leader

    Admin in the Foundation Group: The Asylum for Best Warriors Advice

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    мобильные ребята круче всех!
    Jackson.s475 world1378 android

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    Second day in a row with intermediate results, if you cant found 1 class commander intermediate results, this is because the results are the same like yesterday...
    On destroyers:
    Protector class:
    Best Regards,

    General Discussion Section Leader

    Admin in the Foundation Group: The Asylum for Best Warriors Advice

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    Я считаю, что на данный момент самый сильным классом в игре являются мобильные, ястребы ушли в прошлое с появлением Джека и очень часто подводят не имея первого хода, рейнджеры хоть и хороши но не дотягивают до мобильных Блоком, уворотом и антикритом, что не маловажно в битве, ударные имеют слишком маленькое хп и спасают только при правильной расстановке, иначе умирают не успев использовать с-атаку, ну и на последок защитники, с появлением новых и топовых командиров класс конечно вырос и может считаться лучшим, но для максимального эффекта нужна чиповки выше +10, так что в равных условиях с мобильными они не очень то и хорошо себя покажут, да и кита как лейтенанта никто не отменял. LolStyle.s939 world618 iOS

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