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Thread: Commander Focus #9: Incendos

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    Commander Focus #9: Incendos


    Making his first appearance in "Scorching Breath" August 2015. With a unique set of stats, strong special, avoiding all defences and high evasive capabilities. Incendos quickly became the most wanted destroyer trumping all of his predecessors, making it all the way to the top!

    Due to the nature of his special he is frequently compared to Brom Bones. Both commanders have the same cross attack dealing 80% of their special but surprisingly Incendos doubles the damage of that of Broms. Which can only be explained of his erosion like special, adding additional power to his attack. The higher the accumulator his opponents posses the stronger he gets and what a better opponent than a dead one :-D!

    As a high end destroyer, Incendos posses strong base stats!
    20% Critical Chance which again is twice as high as Broms.
    15% dodge and 20% anti-critical combined with high level Dual R6 Wind-Trail can really compensate for his low def and make huge difference in battle, increasing his chances of survival by dodging or completely avoiding taking critical hits.
    The 25% Penetration ensures his attacks will not be blocked, commanders can highly increase his penetration with a single R6 Fissures increasing his penetration to over 50%!
    Unlike some destroyers Incendos has 100% hitrate and +5 extra speed. Making him a true killer on the battlefield!

    Thru augmentation his most noticeable increase in stats are hp, e-atk, s-satk and the constant increase of +1% Critical Chance and +1% Penetration, clearly sending a message that he is out for the kill and will annihilate everyone who opposes him!
    Another deadly upgrade to Incendos is adding Jackie as his lieutenant, which with the possibility of first shot will block his opponentís destroyer for 1 round. Combination thatís proved to be game changing!

    Incendos proves his high value and superiority in almost every aspect of the game!
    A true testimony to his strength and capabilities is his constant presence in the largest cross server competition which is the Cross-Cosmos Championship. Where we can see him fighting against and alongside SS Class Commanders witnessing his full battle potential and deadliness! Strong players such as Dictator had to swap some his dark commanders with Incendos!

    Some CCC contestants like ďJane BĒ who didnít use a destroyer in their main fleet, fell easy prey to his opponent Incendos and also created a opening for a 2nd destroyer to be added in the main fleet formation. I would really like to hear thoughts about the pros and cons of not having a destroyer in your fleet!

    How many of you already recruited Incendos or plan on doing so? Please share with us your personal experience while using him so that other fellow commanders can decide if they should recruit him! If you have any suggestions that you would like to add to his description please write them down, also donít forget to share your video or screenshots if you have any!

    Godspeed Commanders!
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    He is best destroyer among all s-class. Player can have most winning chance if he shoot 1st with incendos. Incendos beast with right gals and equipment and modules.

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    Incendos has proven his worth to me. Every time I encounter stronger enemies in the Pandora they reck me with Incendos&Jackie. Its a very strong ship.

    Ive seen people complain about Geoffrey being too strong, but Incendos is quicker than Geoffrey. And well Geoffrey can try to put his shields up, but these wont do much if the ships are already destroyed . So Incendos counters Geoffrey. Especially when lvl 110 comes up, even if the shields are up they wont do much.

    Incendos would be stronger if he had block instead of Dodge, this charges up his special a lot faster. With block plus a counter attack you get 2 bars already. But if he had block he would be even stronger than he is now and probably overpowered. So its understandable hes made this way.
    In most cases youll be able to fire his special once, and with that destroy most of the enemy fleet, or in the worst case severly damaged it.

    To sum it up, I definitely want to get him when I finally have enough credits. Probably the only thing better are some SS commanders. Ive been saving for a long time already with my month card. A couple of months. And will continue to save until Im finally able to get him, and later add Jackie.

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    For starters, i aquired Incendos when i was in the 60's lvl. And Brom Bones in the 50's lvl. But just to FYI everyone, at the moment my eng.hub is only at lvl.70(gosh! those build +grades are damn expensives!) trying to push up the build.+grades, so, i'll keep on enjoying having 2 hellish destroyers in my fleet..thinking of replacing my ranger lance with rover annicca...wish me luck! (i'm pretty sure that won't help much)

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