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Thread: Primus invasion bugged after the update

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    After the debut of Cabal/Alfred with Krill+7, even for lv100 it became more effective to target Escort fleets rather than Primus fleets. There are simply no Primus fleets that make it past the outer rim, and usually a Primus fleet comes paired with some escort guards, so your Primus formation will have little to no chance of surviving its encounter with those escorts.

    Tap has improved the speed at which death & respawn are evaluated, which has largely alleviated the feeling of "this event is riddled with bugs". At this point now, Tap needs to address the ability for a single commander to shoot before Primus does. Increasing the speed attribute of Primus such that it shoots first when you are down to 1 or 2 non-flagship commanders will 100% solve the Alfred/Cabal w/Krill+7 kill-loop - At best, you kill 1 Primus, and then the next Primus obliterates your lone commander because it has first shot at that point.
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    I have the same issue as well; sure everyone does. Really pathetic coding here and especially that it takes so long to fix or atleast improve something so simple.

    FIx 1:
    The battle does not release any player from that planet until all enemies or players are defeated. Most players will only kill a few waves, but must be stuck there for minutes until the whole battle on that planet completes.

    When a player dies, release them from the planet right away or release all players at the end of each round within the wave. Should be a very minor and easy code change that will resolve the issue for most players, and then only the players that are getting the 10000 kills per wave may still have an issue. No game mechanics changed...

    Fix 2 - much less preferred:
    Reduce or eliminate the death cooldown timer, and/or start it when the battle for each wave on the planet starts. Less preferred, but would also be an easy way to solve most of the issues.

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