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Thread: Galaxy Legend: Opening Moves

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    Fs -1 ,incendos -2 and sirens -6
    Flag ship in position 7 to some upndamage from brom bones then incendos will shoot and take out lance,brom,flagship from position 2 enemy sirenne will take out my incendos and then my sirenne will take out frost and sirenne

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    Hi wonderful people!

    Incendos on 2 kill Brom, Lance and fs.
    FS on 4 is killed by Sirenne.
    Sirenne on 9 kill Frost and Sirenne.
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    Positions are:
    Sirennce 3
    FS 4
    Incendos 8

    As it mentioned, i calculated this with if the ships are killing instantly and the first shot is mine.

    Round 1
    Turn 1:
    Sirenne(3) S-ATK hits and kills enemies Frost & Sirennce (4-6)

    Turn 2:
    Enemy Brom(1) S-ATK kills FS(4)

    Turn 3:
    Incendos(8) S-ATK hits and kills enemies Brom(1), Lance(2), FS(8)
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    1. I will put Incendos on 2nd formation slot so that he will kill Lance, Brom and Flagship
    2. My Flagship at position 7, taking Sirenne's S-ATK
    3. My Sirenne at position 3 or 6 depending if the slot is locked. Killing Frost and Sirenne together!

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    Incedeos in slot 2. He wil kill brom, lance and FS.
    FS in slot 4. Meat shield for Sirenne s-atk
    Sirenne in slot 7. Killing Frost and Sirenne.
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    Assumptions & Notes:
    1.Have first shot
    2.Your shots will kill
    3.Enemies' shots will either kill or lock
    4.Accumulators all 100% fully charged

    Incendos to P1
    Fires cross attack Energy Erosion hitting 1,2,3,4,7 killing opponents Brom, Lance & Sirenne

    Opposing frost fires horizontal attack Final Freezing and kills or locks 60% Flagship on position 9

    Sirenne fires horizontal attack Death Code from position 5 and kills opposing Flagship

    Incendos refires and kills Frost, game over.....������
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    thanks for participating in the first Opening Moves.
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