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Thread: Commander Focus #7: Lily

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    Nice information I don't have addition info to share you told us all that we need to know
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    I don't have it, but I really want to see her in my fleet!!!!!
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    Her locking can really make the difference, she makes more damage compared to Brom tough not cross attack, she is faster than Brom and Incendos: this is not making the difference still because of Meteors, but when we will all have the fleet full of Meteors, commander speed will become important again.
    In the end, Incendos is still way better, but if I have to go for Brom or her, well, it's a tough decision...

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    I don't have Lily, but she's great commander.

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    I wish i had her. I would like to substitute her in place of brom due to his high lock skill...
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    Just acquired Lilly !! YES MY FLEET IS COMING ALONG NICELY! Thank you for the Lilly promo

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    I just replied on the Facebook post to vote for your favorite commander, and I voted for Incendos, BUT looking at this girl I have a great idea.

    For starters her special that attacks multiple targets is great since it ignores s-defense because her special uses an energy attack. But because of her high speed this babe becomes a counter to Incendos .
    This is both because Lily does a lot of damage with her special 90%, and because of her high chance to stun enemies that are hit with it. If you want to be sure that Incendos his special becomes delayed by one turn you can equip Jackie as the lieutenant. So before Incendos gets his ult of he will have taken a lot of damage, and potentially died.

    If you want to counter Incendos, you do need her on the frontline though, so her survivability is very important.
    It is true that her Penetration isnt that high, but this will help her fire her special faster when she gets countered. I would increase her anti-crit and block with Galactonite though to increase her survivability.
    And of course increase her hitrate as much as possible. Firstly because all of her attacks ignore def/s-def, second because when she misses it delays charging her special which is so great.

    Right now I have basic ships in my fleet (read only quark commanders) and Im still using Opal. So Lily would be a great addition to bolster my spacefleet. I did try to get Roxy with boxes to increase the strength of my fleet, but even after opening 53 boxes I still didnt even have 1 chip.
    And very important, I constantly get completely destroyed in the Pandora by stronger opponents who have Incendos with Jackie. So having Lily would actually give me a chance to beat them, even if its only 60% . And later on 100% if I manage to get Jackie. I would love to get Lily with this promo!

    So thumbs up for Lily!
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