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Thread: Commander Focus #7: Lily

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    Commander Focus #7: Lily

    IMG_20160418_231225_085.jpg IMG_20160418_231244_815.jpg

    In this post, I'll talk about our pretty little girl Lily. looking at her lovely young face she is your beautiful friend, but in battlefield she’s a monster that her ship can show us the reason.

    Like almost all Destroyer ships, she has nice attributes on E-attack, Critical, Block, Anti critical, and 100% hit rate. Her Vertical Power Cord skill helps at all times, and the most important is the Lock chance with 60% and this is an amazing ability for destroyers.

    No matter you are strong or weak, she will never let you down. Why? Since the Reshape function opened, all players could upgrade their HP for all their ships, we know all destroyers ignore the Def and S-Def, but the Hp can help all ships for surviving the skill of all destroyers (even Incendos attack, he never can kill me and that is for my Additional Hp for Tech, Modules and Reshape). If the target is alive, her skill will help you more than you think, because when she locks your enemy, you have the chance to get more shots, because they can’t do it. And this is an advantage for others destroyers.

    Now will talk about where you can use her and why:

    1. PVP:

    Her speed, faster than all S rank destroyers. Even though there are the amazing Meteor Galactonites, the speed of commanders is not that important as it used to be.
    But if you meet an even opponent, 5 speed points can change the battle. If you shot first, Lily with Lieutenant Jackie can 100% block the enemy ́s destroyers and if not die and the first target is locked, immediately you’ll make the next shot, and make additional damage, and kill more ships, on the other side. And you can win easily.

    A nice advantage for her is 20% block rate and if equip Galactonites with Block and Anti critical too, that’s why I’ll choice a Giant Peak Galactonite R-6 and when enemy shot her, she has additional chance to decrease his Tekken attack and the most important Block it for increase her accumulator by 25%, and Counter increase additional 25% too and return the attack for the enemy (this is for blocking Rover, Striker, Protector and Ranger commanders, with Destroyers same like her, only can block and not return shot).

    2. Primus:

    We always choice commanders with depleting accumulator, lock and frozen skills against Primus. Lily’s skill with 60% Lock makes her better than other destroyers.

    3. Primus Invasion:

    On this event she will be good option for Protector Primus Destroyer (they are the most powerful enemies), and same like pvp her abilities can gift us additional advantages. And if you find Primus Boss even with pvp fleet you can take few points for damage, and the chance the one additional Lock, when I watch lily blocks the Primus boss I’m so Proud of get her....

    4. Infinite Cosmos:

    There are lots of opportunities to use her, because there are more than one attributes for the enemies. Facing the enemy with high DEF and S-DEF, she can ignore it as a normal destroyer. Additionally with Lily's lock skill, if the enemy survived the first shot, friendly ships can easily kill him. And with warden on our side and his 30% additional block, she almost block all shots for one turn and she makes her skill again.

    All the time on my experience with her, she helps me to kill the enemy because she blocks them.

    From May 8th 2015 she becomes my best friend, sometimes I want to replace her to a good commander, but even the best destroyer on this galaxy is not good for me compared with my pink girl and if Tap4Fun release the Lily Adult Version with more power than her, I’ll be happy for get

    Do you have Lily on your fleet?

    Share your experience her, and if you plan to get her, the only thing I can tell you, she is Amazing.
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    Great Lily > : D
    No importa que tan pequeño sea un bebe tiburon... este nunca podra nadar con sardinas

    No matter how small a shark baby ... this could never swim with sardines

    Matrratas.s200 World1103

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    I don't have lily

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    Everyone says how great she is so it must be true. She beats me a lot in arena. I would like to have her because my fleet is not that good.

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    She woud be the ace for my fleet. I'would like to use it for givig the nessesary "umf" for even battles. I use defensive comanders on the front so the main hit comes now mainly from my flagship. And upgrading it is a serious drag. Any aditional help would help. If this comander is eben possible to have.

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    I have faced her many times in the cosmos...never been a problem as you just use the meat shield fs and get on with killing all the other ships. It does help to shot first and she is no match for Incesdos. You are right that shooting first isnt as important anymore. I stopped chasing speed and now my Incedos can take a direct hit from another Incendos and still survive till the end of the battle.

    She has her uses, but personally i think there are better and posts like this just hype up an old commander just to convince people to spend on getting her when they should be saving. I certainly wouldnt use her in the Primus as this guide on her suggests as 60% lock is the same as Elsa's and trust me its not 60% when you need it!!!
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    Lily is my best com and is far better than brom she kills in all round 👍👍👍

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    i don't have her i am using Brom she will really help him with iron wall events against high def and s-def enemies hell.s218 world 212 android

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    i have Trikster And want so much have Lily becouse she strong tacticaly And a good destroyer. Please GL gift It To me 😇 . too unlucky Im in this game so plz 😊

    world 846

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    My only destroyer is brom really and could really use Lily's talents as a locking destroyer!

    Her locking sets her apart from the rest!

    Lbbbbb.s843 world 522 iOS

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