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Thread: Primus Invasion Tutorial

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    Primus Invasion Tutorial

    This is a little tutorial about how you need to play on Primus Invasion Event.

    If you like this information share your experience and be happy to share all you want about it..



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    Я мало, что знаю об этом, поэтому это хорошее пособие для меня

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    For me I don't know much about primus invasion. Just now getting to know how to do everyday primus. I like the 3 far left and 2 far right formation.

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    Something i know

    When the invasion portal start head for the place closest to wormholes.
    Then when you die wait if you want to go again the go but if next wave is coming just after
    1 minutes don't travel instead wait and watch for wave to come from wormholes
    When they come out and start going to first planet examine them if they are showing red circles
    or circles with spikes.

    If circle is spiked then it have more primus and low protectors
    And if it's just a red circle then it's easy target with 3 to 5 primus or no primus at all.

    You can yourself check what i am telling you by holding the red circles.
    It will show how many enemies and primuaes are there in that wave.

    Happy to help!!

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    Хорошее руководство. Я участвую в обоих турах. Первый вылет - занимаю точку ml001. Потом стараюсь перемещаться по минимуму. Выбираю цель перед вылетом.
    Good management. I participate in both rounds. First flight - I occupy point ml001. Then I try to move to a minimum. I opt for the purpose before departure.
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    Yo siempre consigo la r6 buen tutorías
    The duchen.s503

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    Can anyone post the proper sequence of coming of primus from wave 1 to wave 10 ?

    Thanks whoever reply to it

    World 1143

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    Thanks for the info.

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    I just go with my main fleet... after I find one Fortress primus I change to primus formation... if is there any tip it would be glad to know
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    Gracias por la información.

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