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Thread: Primus Invasion Tutorial

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    bueno es buena informacion gracias
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    Siempre estoy entre 200 y 400

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    Verry good information ! Good work dude !

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    Excelente información Muchas gracias

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    Yo usando mi formación pvp en la primera ronda llegó hacer 1b de daño, casi no juego la segunda ronda, solo interesa obtener la r6, aveces sólo la juego para los puntos tech que dan por la victoria
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guyver View Post
    I just go with my main fleet... after I find one Fortress primus I change to primus formation... if is there any tip it would be glad to know
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    Sometimes when a player is travelling you will notice that that will kill Primus, avoid the planet which that player is going as he is likely to kill Primus too on that planet.

    If an invasion fleet is coming my way to the planet I am on, I will start moving out to the next planet in the direction of that fleet so that I can get to it first as sometimes, while waiting for your turn in sequence, the invasion fleet could be killed by the earlier players on the waiting sequence.
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