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    Pandora Cluster MatchMaking

    Hello everyone!
    I come from other turn based games where matchmaking has always been a big topic. (Tyrant Unleashed)

    I'm new into this game and i can say i love it, worth my time and money (just VIP2 for now)
    However there're a couple of issues i'd like to display...

    1- Event Delayed
    This is my first Pandora Cluster and i got immediately problems to join it, clearly related on server's issues.
    So the event started around an hour later...

    2- Mechanics poorly explained
    Finally when i got in, i tryied to figure out how does it work but the info description mentioned everything but how to get influence points, that seems to be the main value to get rewards.
    Even so i start wandering around checking what to do, discovering by myself that i can 1 point sure for being slaughtered.

    3- Extreme Matchmaking
    In an instat i got something was wrong, because beetween the others 2 faction and our there were a huge power gap!
    We're server 1479 currently in challenge with servers 1452 and 1449.
    I thought that being a server's event, the force power beetween them should be averagely balanced.

    This is our server top ranks:

    And those are our average opponents form both servers:

    Really? How can you call it even a challenge?
    Our TOP player has 4M force and how are we suppose to fight ppl with 10 to 30+ Milion force?!
    When even 75 players will barely match the force of a one single opponent!?!

    Basically our only option to get points will be getting slaughtered as soon as we can.
    This is not fun nor fair.

    I think the event is nice and well made but please.... FIX THE MATCHMAKING!!

    On the side, i noticed the numers of opponent players are less than ours.

    Though that doesn't change anything at all, i wonder if that is involved. If it's a variable assigned to the matchmaking it should be revised.

    Thank you for attention.
    Hope this can help.

    Sniff you around!
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