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Thread: How to get 11k credits for free by lvl up 5 r6 and r5 galactonites to level 10

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    I will try to get this achievement as well, but to save so much energy might be difficult in a short time .. take months of work.
    Last event with gala energy would be ideal to save faster. Hope T4F will make these "worm holes" with gala energy rewards ofter. Still better as bozzons and interefernce items...
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    Got it!
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    How much gala energy is needed to upgrade R5 to lv10 from scratch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traveler View Post
    How much gala energy is needed to upgrade R5 to lv10 from scratch?
    Not a huge amount, less then 3 mil galactonite energy. Around 2 mil if i remember right.
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    2059368 galactonite energy to take a R5 to level 10 the last time I calculated.
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    Thats is doable in reasonable amount of time

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    thank you for that great info
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    Yeah .. after 1.5 year i finally take them...

    Can GL put some other high gift credits like that .... will be so nice ...

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    Great tips, guys, thank you!
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    Thanks. Helpful guidelines.
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